Re: apm suspend broken in 2.4.10

Randy.Dunlap (
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 15:17:22 -0700

Alex Cruise wrote:
> From: Randy.Dunlap []
> > Verified here.
> > APM doesn't install if apm=on or apm=off is used in 2.4.10.
> >
> > Here's a small patch for it. With this patch, apm thread,
> > /proc/apm, misc apm_bios device etc. are created.
> Thanks... apm=on works now, but APM functionality itself still suffers from
> the same failure as before (Resource temporarily unavailble.)
> I should mention that before your patch, /dev/misc/apm_bios, /dev/apm_bios
> and /proc/apm were already being created by the driver; it's going through
> the motions but not delivering the goods.
> -0xe1a

{little-endian n[iy]bbles ?}

Sounds like our 2.4.10's are different then. :)
Without this patch, mine didn't create /proc/apm, register as a
misc device, or create the kapmd-idle kernel thread.
Must be a distro thingy.

Return of EAGAIN from the SUSPEND ioctl means that
send_event() failed, which means that some device driver
didn't want suspend to happen...which means that some
device driver got changed. :(

What was the last working kernel AFAUK (for this APM stuff)?

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