Broken APIC detection 2.4.10?

Sujal Shah (
27 Sep 2001 18:21:54 -0400

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I just switched up to 2.4.10 on my Sony Vaio N505VX. In the boot
messages, I see near the top:

Local APIC disabled by BIOS -- reenabling.
Could not enable APIC!

/proc/interrupts shows XT-PIC for all the interrupts. This was not the
case before. Of course, I'm seeing other weirdness which is related
(the YMFPCI based sound card won't reset on reboot without shutting down

Anyone have any ideas why this is? The APIC stuff was getting detected
fine in 2.4.7.

I'm going to try 2.4.9-ac16 soon (I was going to anyway), but that may
not happen for a few days. I'll post more if I figure out what
happened. I'll also start backing down to 2.4.9 and will try that, too.



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