Re: bit ops on unsigned long?

Richard Gooch (
Sun, 24 Mar 2002 19:45:26 -0700

Rusty Russell writes:
> Richard: 3 bugs in devfs. Particularly note that the memset was
> bogus. I can't convince myself that your memcpy & memset stuff is
> right anyway, given that you can ONLY treat them as unsigned longs
> (ie. bit 31 will be in byte 0 or byte 3, depending on endianness).

Yes, the memset is bogus because I didn't cast the pointer to a
char * or void *. The memcpy should be fine, though. And so should
everything else, because the bitfield array is allocated in 16 byte
multiples. So there should be no issues with big vs. little endian,
since memset/memcpy operations are done in blocks of sufficient

So, really, the only problem is the stupid lack of a cast. Unless you
noticed some other problem?


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