Re: Patch, forward release() return values to the close() call

Axel Kittenberger (
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 09:52:08 +0100

> Agreed, but the question is which approach to use. :) Declaring it as void
> sounds like it may involve a lot of driver fixup work.

For the first way of doing I already provided a patch, which started this
thread. (returning the release() value proparly to the close())

However if I get a word from the applicate maintaners (linus or viro) that a
patch declaring release() with void return type will be accepted for 2.5.x, I
would volunteer for providing it. Should not be that much of a work, once you
concentrate on it. However I'm not doing it for the birds :o) (without
consultation first).

Personlaly I'm unsure which of both decisions would be better, but am
unsatisfied with the way it's currently.
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