Re: [ANNOUNCE] Kernel 2.4.18-WOLK3.1

Samuel Maftoul (
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 10:25:57 +0100

First of all, I'm happy to see such a Patchset, Thanks.
you're version name is WOLK in uppercase.
I would like to ask if there is a naming convention for kernel trees:
make-kpkg, which is the kernel source/image packager of the debian,
doesn't support release names in uppercases:
Lion:/usr/src/linux# make-kpkg
debian/rules:966: *** Error. The version number 2.4.18-WOLK3.1 is not
all lowercase. Since the version ends up in the package name of the
kernel image package, this is a Debian policy violation, and the
packaging system shall refuse to package the image. . Stop.
Could you rename your EXTRAVERSION with wolk ? or is it a Debian
limitation ?


On Mon, Mar 25, 2002 at 07:21:07PM +0100, Marc-Christian Petersen wrote:
> Kernel - patched - WOLK3.1 - Base: Linux kernel 2.4.18
> by Marc-Christian Petersen <>
> This is my second public release. WOLK 3.1 is now available as full kernel
> AND as a patchset. There were some requests to do it, so here it is :)
> WOLK 3.1 contains several bugfixes found in WOLK 3.0 (formerly known as
> mcp3-WOLK), reported by users of wolk and found by myself.
> Project name change cause WOLK looks nicer than of mcp-WOLK.
> Thanks to darix <> for the project name WOLK :-)
> What is this? Why another patchset/patched kernel?
> Using Linux since years, very tired of there are not really good
> patchsets available. Saw FOLK Patch/Kernel which is still very very buggy.
> Inspired by the jp-Patchsets from Joerg Prante <>.
> The WOLK's are development kernels/patchsets for testing purpose only.
> !! If you want to use it in production, use it at your own risk !!
> Their purpose is to provide a service for developers and end-users who
> can't be up to date with the latest official stable kernels/patches but
> want to test many features out there linux can use. Maybe, (hopefully)
> some of them will be included into the mainstream kernel 2.4 soon.
> There will always be a new WOLK major release if there is a new final
> kernel released. Minor releases only if someone/me found critical bugs.
> You are missing a patch? Patches will be added by request.
> You think one or more of the patches are fully useless? Tell me why.
> You have minor, major or heavy mega problems, let me know. I will try to fix.
> You think this is great? Let me know too :-)
> You want YOUR patch to be included in WOLK? Let me know :)
> There is also a mailinglist available you can join at:
> Overview:
> ---------
> For an overview go to
> The WOLK 3.1 kernel/patchset contains over 90 Patches
> Credits go to all the people who created the patches, working hard on
> improving the quality.
> Changes in WOLK 3.1
> -------------------
> o removed: load-kill patch (causes panics)
> o update: Tekram DC395 v1.38
> o update: Event Logging v1.30
> o update: Compressed Cache 0.22 final
> o update: Win4Lin mki-adapter Patch update to 1.07
> o add: FTP fs
> o add: ISDN LZS Compression
> o add: TUX
> o add: UML
> o add: Linux Trace Toolkit
> o add: Broadcom Tigon3 support
> o small other patches (IDE, RAID ...)
> o Minor fixes found in WOLK 3.0
> o moved the tools to an extra package
> Todo for the next releases:
> ---------------------------
> o Mosix/OpenMosix (why the hell they are so slow to
> release new patches. Hurry up !!
> o maybe OpenAFS
> o maybe OpenGFS
> o ALSA
> o grsecurity/preempt + Win4Lin coexistence
> (Brad/Michael, can you help me with it?)
> o If 2.4.19 is final: Reverse Mapping VM
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Feel free to send me feedback. Please CC, I am not subscribed to the lkml.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The next major WOLK (WOLK 4) will be available some days after the 2.4.19
> final kernel release.
> Enjoy!
> Marc-Christian Petersen <>
> Unix/Linux Administrator
> Essen, Germany
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