Re: Linux 2.4.19pre4-ac1

Anders Peter Fugmann (
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 22:39:54 +0100

Compiling static NFSv3 support in kernel, gives me:

Mar 26 22:30:01 gw kernel: RPC request reserved 240 but used 244
Mar 26 22:30:32 gw last message repeated 60 times
Mar 26 22:31:34 gw last message repeated 124 times
Mar 26 22:32:36 gw last message repeated 124 times
Mar 26 22:33:37 gw last message repeated 120 times
Mar 26 22:34:01 gw last message repeated 51 times

Other errormessages also appears on the form
RPC request reserved X but used Y, but only where Y=4+X.

Client is vanilla 2.5.7. This happens with and without TCP support
compiled in, and regardsless of usage of TCP or not.

Anders Fugmann

Alan Cox wrote:
> Again treat this with care. This just fixes a bug a lot of people hit so
> that the IDE code can get further testing
> [+ indicates stuff that went to Marcelo, o stuff that has not,
> * indicates stuff that is merged in mainstream now, X stuff that proved
> bad and was dropped out]
> Linux 2.4.19pre4-ac1
> o Merge 2.4.19pre4
> o Add PCI idents for mobility parallel port (me)
> o Fix crash on boot with LLC if no devices present(me)
> Linux 2.4.19pre3-ac6
> o Fix the oops initialising the CD-ROM (Andre Hedrick)
> + Add devexit_p() to the wdt_pci watchdog (Adrian Bunk)
> o Fix lm_sensors compile (Eyal Lebedinsky)
> o Remove some dead JFS oddments (Christoph Hellwig)
> o SCSI generic update (Doug Gilbert, Travers Carter)
> o VM86 exception fixups (Kasper Dupont, Manfred Spraul)
> o Fix an fcntl error corner case to match SuS (Christopher Yeoh)
> Linux 2.4.19pre3-ac5
> o Further IDE updates (Andre Hedrick)
> o Reduce ide tape debug noise (Alfredo Sanjuán)
> o Sync devices on final close not each close (Miquel van Smoorenburg)
> o Make max busses/irqs dynamic on x86 (James Cleverdon)
> | Needed for big IBM boxen
> o Remove exp_find in NFS (never used) (Al Viro)
> o Fix read locking on NFS export_table (Erik Habbinga)
> o Fix possible NFS error path mnt/dentry leak (Al Viro)
> o Use MKDEV macro in NFS device create (GOTO Masanori)
> o Clean up stale fh stats (Neil Brown)
> o Tidy nfsd_lookup (Al Viro)
> o nfsd_setattr fixes (Neil Brown)
> o Tidy up nfsd vfs calls (Neil Brown)
> o Clean up nfsd syscall interface (Neil Brown)
> o Fix fat NFS handle interfaces (Neil Brown)
> o Tidy up export list handling for NFS (Al Viro)
> o Use seq_file for NFS exports proc file (Al Viro)
> o Support for deviceless file system exports (Steven Whitehouse)
> o Remove big kernel lock use for most of nfsd (Neil Brown)
> o Convert sunrpc code to use generic linux lists (Neil Brown)
> o Tidy up svc_sock NFS locking on SMP (Neil Brown)
> o Improve tcp error/close handling (Neil Brown)
> o Close down idle NFS tcp sockets (Neil Brown)
> o NFS TCP fixes for buffer space tracking (Neil Brown)
> o Handle TCP RPC service flooding (Neil Brown)
> o Enable NFS over TCP via config options (Neil Brown)
> Linux 2.4.19pre3-ac4
> o Ensure jfs readdir doesn't spin on bad metadata (Dave Kleikamp)
> o Fix iconfig with no modules (Randy Dunlap)
> o Don't enfore rlimit on block device files (Peter Hartley)
> o Add belkin wireless card idents (Brendan McAdams)
> o Add HP VA7400 to the scsi blacklist quirks (Alar Aun)
> o JFS race fix (Dave Kleikamp)
> + Fix wafer5823 watchdog merge error I made (Justin Cormack)
> o Fix Config rule for phonejack pcmcia card (Eyal Lebedinsky)
> o Test improved OOM handler for rmap (Rik van Riel)
> o Update defconfig/experimental bits (Neils Jensen)
> o The incredible shrinking kernel patch (Andrew Morton)
> o Clean up BUG() implementation (Andrew Morton)
> Linux 2.4.19pre3-ac3
> o Doh fixed the SYSVIPC build problem (Everyone...)
> o Added 802.2LLC support (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
> | Based on 2.0 code contributed by Procom
> o Fix i2o build as module (Mark Cooke)
> o Blacklist for machines where local apic fails (Mikael Pettersson)
> + Clean up wdt_pci (Zwane Mwaikambo)
> Linux 2.4.19pre3-ac2
> o Hopefully fixed all the as accounting bugs (me)
> o Bit more LS220 work (nothing useful yet) (me)
> o Change should be long not int in shmem acct (me)
> o Ignore MAP_NORESERVE in mode 2/3 accounting (me)
> + Fix pci bar flag parsing (Russell King)
> + Handle ELF setup_arg_pages failure (Russell King)
> + AT1700 filter fix (Sawa)
> o S/390 fix for O(1) scheduler (Pete Zaitcev)
> o Fix /proc/kcore for non zero memory start (Russell King)
> * Update USB config files (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
> * TCP minisocks fixes (Dave Miller)
> * dnotify fixes (Stephen Rothwell)
> * Remove pointles sysrq-L (Russell King)
> + Reparent khubd to init (Andrew Morton)
> o EEpro100 test updates (Arjan van de Ven)
> + Use named initializers in hwc_con (Pete Zaitcev)
> * SHM ipc fix (Paul Larson)
> o Further printk level fixes (Denis Vlasenko)
> o Revert epic100 changes - reports of problems (me)
> + Water WDT watchdog driver (Justin Cormack)
> | I did some cleanup - Justin please double check it
> + ITE8330G PIRQ map support (Tobias Diedrich)
> o Trivial khttpd logging bug fix (Rogier Wolff)
> o Stop module autoloader making user /proc/pid (Andreas Ferber)
> dir root owned
> o Handle TF flag properly on debug trap (Christoph Hellwig,
> Arjan van de Ven, Stephan Springl)
> + ALi M1701 watchdog driver (Stve Hill)
> | I tidied/fixed this one too so please check
> o Add iconfig (save/extract config from kernel (Randy Dunlap)
> image file)
> + Add mk712 touchscreen driver (Daniel Quinlan)
> | Fixed various bugs in it - Dan please check
> Linux 2.4.19pre3-ac1
> o Merge with 2.4.19pre3
> - Revert buggy bluesmoke change
> - Add missing pppox header change
> o Next SIS ide update (Lionel Bouton)
> o Only try the flush and recycle trick for (me)
> known buggy I2O controllers.
> o Clean up module junk and use new init style (me)
> for I2O.
> o Don't use cache hints on dim i2o controllers (me)
> * Add vmalloc_to_page to 2.4 from 2.5 (Gerd Knorr)
> o JFS updates (Christoph Hellwig, Dave Kleikamp)
> * Fix boot_cpu_data corruption bug (Mikael Pettersson)
> + Clean up ppp vfree paths (David Woodhouse)
> * Emagic EMI usb driver (Tapio Laxström)
> * Edgeport fixes for multiple device case (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
> * Ethtool support for catc usb (Brad Hards)
> * Update to pegasus driver in base tree (Petko Manolov)
> * Update USB maintainers (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
> * IPAQ usb driver fixup (Ganesh Varadarajan)
> * Allow usbfs name for 2.5 compatibility (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
> o Committed_AS without a space in procfs (Andy Dustman)
> * Fix an NFS file creation problem (Trond Myklebust)
> o Fix a missing ksym (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
> o Increase init delay on ALI5451 audio setup (Harald Jenny)
> | Needed for Acer Travelmate 521TE
> + Fix printk message levels in pci code (Denis Vlasenko)
> o Add another laptop to the buggy APM tables (Mihnea-Costin Grigore)
> o Fix an obscure acct race (Bob Miller)
> o Sonypi driver update (Stelian Pop)
> o Fix devfs glitch with namespace stuff (Paul Komkoff, Al Viro)
> Linux 2.4.19pre2-ac4
> + Initial Ricoh ZVbus support (Marcus Metzler)
> o PnPBIOS fixes (Brian Gerst)
> o Fix a case where sync_one might not start an (Ben LaHaise)
> inode writeout
> + Corrected atm locking fix (Maksim Krasnyanskiy)
> o mp table parsing corner case fix (James Cleverdon)
> o NFS over JFS directory offset fix (Christoph Hellwig)
> + Update reisefsprogs version (Paul Komkoff)
> + RME Hammerfall driver update (Günter Geiger)
> o Fix an off by one in the bluesmoke reporting (Dave Jones)
> + Make irnet disconnect hang up ppp (Jean Tourrilhes)
> + Fix abuse of cli() in irda socket connect (Jean Tourrilhes)
> + Add help text to patch-kernel script (Damjan Lango)
> * USB irda updates (Jean Tourrilhes)
> + IRDA link layer updates (Jean Tourrilhes)
> + Add WD xd signature to 2.4 (from 2.2) (Jim Freeman)
> + Update sc1200 watchdog (Zwane Mwaikambo)
> + Switch wdt501 watchdog driver to bitops (me)
> + Much updated LSI logic MPT fusion drivers (Pam Delaney)
> * Wavelan driver updates (Jean Tourrilhes)
> o Fix a race where we could hit init_idle after (Kip Walker)
> freeing it (from rest_init)
> * Raylink driver bugfixes (Jean Tourrilhes)
> o Switch 2.4 to using a shared zlib (David Woodhouse)
> + Fix w83877 SMP deadlock, clean up locking (me)
> o IBM lanstreamer update (Kent Yoder)
> o Fix 32bitism in the PM code (Pavel Machek)
> o Make irqsave use unsigned long for consistency (Pavel Machek)
> | Just fixes a few exceptions
> o Make i2o_block fallback to blkpg for ioctls (me)
> o All pids in use handling (Paul Larson)
> * IDE code wasn't using ide_free_irq (William Jhun)
> o Fix non procfs build (Eric Sandeen)
> * Cyberjack bug fix (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
> * USB vicam fixes (Oliver Neukum)
> * Add another device to the ftdi driver (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
> * UHCI performance fixes (Johannes Erdfelt)
> * STV680 bug fixes (Kevin Sisson)
> * Kaweth bug fixes (Oliver Neukum)
> * Update hpusbscsi driver (Oliver Neukum)
> * Update OV511 driver (Mark McClelland)
> * Update usb-ipaq driver to support journada (Ganesh Varadarajan)
> * Fix a bug in the USB skeleton driver (Holger Waechtler)
> * Further SiS IDE updates (Lionel Bouton)
> * Fix ufs mount failure bug (Andries Brouwer)
> o Allow the max user frequency for the rtc to (Mike Shaver)
> be configurable
> o HPT37x crash on init fixups (Vojtech Pavlik)
> Linux 2.4.19pre2-ac3
> o Fix quota deadlock and extreme load corruption (Jan Kara, Chris Mason)
> * MIPS config fix (Ralf Baechle)
> * Update AGP config entry (Daniele Venzano)
> * SMBfs NLS oops fix (Urban Widmark)
> o Fix expand_stack locking hang on OOM (Kevin Buhr)
> o Restore 10Mbit half duplex eepro100 fix (me)
> o 3c509 full duplex and documentation (David Ruggiero)
> o 3c509 power management (Zwane Mwaikambo)
> * Remove more surplus llseek methods (Robert Love)
> X ATM locking fix (Frode Isaksen)
> o Merge extra sound help texts (Steven Cole)
> | plus one typo fix
> o Add help for IXJ pcmcia configuration (Steven Cole, me)
> | Rewrote the text somewhat
> Linux 2.4.19pre2-ac2
> o Fix a mismerge (may explain the patch weirdo)
> + Fix highmem + sblive (Daniel Bertrand)
> * Reiserfs updates (Oleg Drokin)
> o Auto enable HT on HT capable systems (Arjan van de Ven)
> o Fix init/do_mounts O(1) scheduler merge glitch (Greg Louis)
> o Fix drm build problem on CPU=386 (Mark Cooke)
> + Fix incorrect sleep in ZR36067 driver (me)
> + Add missing cpu_relax to iph5526 driver (me)
> Linux 2.4.19pre2-ac1
> * Merge aic7xxx update (Justin Gibbs)
> * Fix handling of scsi 'medium error: recovered' (Justin Gibbs)
> * Further request region fixups (Marcus Alanen)
> o Add interlace/doublescan to voodoo1/2 fb driver (Urs Ganse)
> | interlace is always handy with 3d glasses..
> o Merge O(1) scheduler (Ingo Molnar)
> | Thanks to Martin Knoblauch for doing the merge work
> | Non x86 ports may need to clean up their mm/fault.c
> * Lseek usage cleanup (Robert Love)
> o Merge with 2.4.19pre2
> - Fixed bogus sysctl definitions
> - Fixed incorrect MODULE_LICENSE backout
> - Fixed gratuitous supercede spelling change
> - Fixed double patches from mips people
> - Fixed incorrect link order from mips people
> - Fixed broken config rules from mips people
> - Made cciss build
> - Remove half written "meth.c" driver
> * Fix up some of the watchdog api text (me)
> | Janitor job - go through that and make all the drivers
> | support all the things ('V' NOWAYOUT and ioctl core)
> o Fix wrong order in MAINTAINERS (me)
> o Remove roadrunner reference from MAINTAINERS (me)
> Linux 2.4.19pre1-ac2
> o Fix chown/chmod on shmemfs (me)
> o Fix accounting error in the shm code (me)
> o Turn on mode2/mode3 overcommit protection (me)
> * w83877f watchdog fix compile for SMP (Mark Cooke)
> * Fix ide=nodma for serverworks (Ken Brownfield)
> * USB2 controller support (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
> * Add more devices to the visor driver (m515,clie)(Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
> * IBM USB camera driver updates (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
> * USB auerswald driver (Wolfgang Muees)
> o Trivial random match up with 2.2 (Marco Colombo)
> * Spelling fixes (Jim Freeman)
> * Next batch of time_*() fixups (Tim Schmielau)
> + Update video4linux API docs (Gerd Knorr)
> * Merge some comment fixups (John Kim)
> o ymfpci sync (Pete Zaitcev)
> * Update maintainers to add pm3fb (Romain DOLBEAU)
> * Hotplug updates (docs, fs, compaq driver) (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
> * IBM hotplug support (Irene Zubarev, Tong Yu, Jyoti Shah, Chuck Cole)
> * ACPI hotplug driver support (Hiroshi Aono, Takayoshi Kochi)
> * Blink keyboard lights on x86 panic (Andi Kleen)
> o Further changes (Steven Cole)
> o Merge a version of the sard I/O accounting (Stephen Tweedie,
> Christoph Hellwig)
> + SC1200 watchdog driver (Zwane Mwaikambo)
> * Fix address ordering for 36bit MCE on x86 (Dave Jones)
> Linux 2.4.19pre1-ac1
> o Merge with 2.4.19-pre1
> Linux 2.4.18-ac1
> o Merge with 2.4.18 proper
> o Add missing -rc4 diff
> o Use attribute notifiers to account shmemfs (me)
> o Initial luxsonor LS220/LS240 driver code (me)
> | This is just setup code and only in the tree because
> | its where I keep my hacks in progress
> Linux 2.4.18rc2-ac2
> o Fix a corruption problem in the jfs dir table (Dave Kleikamp)
> o Fix trap when extending a single extent of (Dave Kleikamp)
> over 64Gb in JFS
> * NBD deadlock fix (Steven Whitehouse)
> * Fix device ref counting in netrom stack (Tomi Manninen)
> * Fix shmemfs link counting (Christoph Rohland)
> * Fix potential scsi disk oops (Peter Wong)
> * eepro100 carrier init fix (Jeff Garzik)
> * Fix wrong kfree in netrom stack (Tomi Manninen)
> * Add TI1250 inits to ZV bus support (me)
> | Zoom video now works on the IBM TP600 at least..
> * Fix off by one on loop devices limit (Heinz Mauelshagen)
> o Improve handling of psaux open with no mouse (Christoph Hellwig)
> present
> * 3COM 3c359 token ring driver (Mike Phillips)
> * Fix a case where hpfs didnt set block size (Chris Mason)
> early enough
> * Remove use of lock_kernel in softdog driver (me)
> * Make olympic driver use spinlocks not (Mike Phillips)
> lock_kernel
> o Fix type of detected devices in md.c (Jakob Kemi)
> * Changes and defconfig update (Niels Jensen)
> o PNP BIOS driver updates (Thomas Hood)
> * Turn off excess printks in pnp quirk reporting (Andrey Panin)
> * Add documentation for ITE I2C (Steven Cole)
> o Add documentation for other zoran cards (Steven Cole)
> + Add an SC520 watchdog, and enable wd8387ff (Scott Jennings)
> + Cleaned up and fixed some SC520 watchdog bugs (me)
> | Scott - can you double check these
> * Fix return on generic lib/string.c memcmp (Georg Nikodym)
> * Further zoom video cleanups (me)
> Linux 2.4.18rc2-ac1
> o Merge with 2.4.18rc2
> * Ignore i810 modem codecs (me)
> o Core of address space accounting code (me)
> | Enforcement, ptrace and some shmem corner bits to do
> * Fix security hole in shmfs (me)
> o Fix various bits of 64bit file I/O in shmem (me)
> o Merge with rmap12f (Rik van Riel and co)
> Linux 2.4.18pre9-ac4
> * SIS IDE driver update (handle with care) (Lionel Bouton)
> o First set of I2O endian cleanups (me)
> o Make i2o_pci.c 64bit/BE clean (me)
> o Maybe fix crash on i2o scsi abort/reset paths (me)
> o Make i2o use the passed scsi direction flag (me)
> * Fix awk failure path in menuconfig (Andrew Church)
> + Merge varies doc updates (Steven Cole)
> o Add serial support for the Lava Octopus-550 (Jim Treadway)
> * OPL3SA2 cleanup (Zwane Mwaikambo)
> o Add missing blkdev_varyio export (Todd Roy)
> o/* Update Changes file, config and experimental (Niels Jensen)
> checks
> * Fix highmem warning in aacraid (Andrew Morton)
> * Make tpqic02 use new style request region (Marcus Alanen)
> * Only turn off mediagx/geode TSC on 5510/5520 (me)
> | From information provided by Hiroshi MIURA
> * Massively clean up the AGP enable and bugfix it (Bjorn Helgaas)
> o Fix oops if you try to use the RW wq locks (Bob Miller)
> o Remove FPU usage in neomagic fb (Denis Kropp)
> o Merge IBM JFS (Steve Best, Dave Kleikamp,
> Barry Arndt, Christoph Hellwig, ..)
> * Updated sis frame buffer driver (Thomas Winischhofer)
> Linux 2.4.18pre9-ac3
> * Clean up various macros and misuse of ; (Timothy Ball)
> * Correct procfs locking fixup (Al Viro)
> o Speed up ext2/ext3 synchronous mounts (Andrew Morton)
> * Update IDE DMA blacklist (Jonathan Kamens)
> o Update to XFree86 DRM 4.2 (compatible to 4.1) (Rik Faith,
> and adds I830 DRM Jeff Hartmann,
> Keith Whitwell,
> Abraham vd Merwe
> and others)
> * IBM Lanstreamer updates (Mike Phillips)
> * Fix acct rlimit problem (I hope) (me)
> | Problem noted by Ian Allen
> o Automatically set file limits based on mem size (Andi Kleen)
> * Correct scsi reservation conflict handling (James Bottomley)
> and add the scsi reset api code
> o Add further kernel docs (me)
> o Merge to rmap-12e (Rik van Riel and co)
> |merge patch from Nick Orlov
> * Small fix to the eata driver update (Dario Ballabio)
> Linux 2.4.18pre9-ac2
> * Nat Semi now use their own ident on the Geode (Hiroshi Miura)
> * Put #error in two files that need FPU fixups (me)
> * Correct a specific mmap return to match posix (Christopher Yeoh)
> * Add Eepro100/VE ident (Hanno Boeck)
> * Add provides for DRM to the kernel make rpm (Alexander Hoogerhuis)
> * Fix a problem where vm86 irq releasing could be (Stas Sergeev)
> missed
> * EATA and U14/34F driver updates (Dario Ballabio)
> * Handle EMC storage arrays that report SCSI-2 (Kurt Garloff)
> but want REPORT_LUNs
> * Update README, defconfig, remove autogen files (Niels Jensen)
> o Add AFAVLAB PCI serial support (Harald Welte)
> * Fix incorrect resource free in eexpress (Gianluca Anzolin)
> o Variable size rawio optimisations (Badari Pulavarty)
> * Add AT's compatible 8139 cardbus chip (Go Taniguchi)
> o Fix crash with newest hpt ide chips (Arjan van de Ven)
> * Fix tiny SMP race in pid selection (Erik Hendriks)
> o Hopefully fix pnpbios crash caused by early (me)
> kernel_thread creation
> Linux 2.4.18pre9-ac1
> o Initial merge of DVD card driver (Christian Wolff,Marcus Metzler)
> | This is just an initial testing piece. DVB needs merging
> | properly and this is only a first bit of testing
> * Random number generator support for AMD768 (me)
> * Add AMD768 to i810 driver pci ident list (me)
> o Initial AMD768 power management work (me)
> | Unfinished pending some docs clarifications
> * Fix bugbuf mishandling for modular es1370 (me)
> * Fix up i2o readl abuse, post_wait race, and (me, Arjan van de Ven)
> some deadlock cases
> * Added cpu_relax to yam driver (me)
> * Fixup AMD762 if the BIOS apparently got it wrong(me)
> (eg ASUS boards)
> * MP1.4 alignment fixup
> * pcwd cleanup, backport of fixes from 2.5 (Rob Radez)
> * Add support for more Moxa cards to mxser (Damian Wrobel)
> * Add remaining missing MODULE_LICENSE tags (Hubert Mantel)
> * Fix floppy reservation ranges (Anton Altaparmakov)
> * Fix max file size setup (Andi Kleen)
> Linux 2.4.18pre7-ac3
> o Fix a wrong error return in the megaraid driver (Arjan van de Ven)
> * FreeVXFS update (Christoph Hellwig)
> * Qnxfs update (Anders Larsen)
> o Fix non compile with PCI=n (Adrian Bunk)
> o Fix DRM 4.0 non compile in i810 (me)
> * Drop out now dead CLONE thread/parent fixup (Dave McCracken)
> * Make NetROM incoming frame check stricter (Tomi Manninen)
> * Use sock_orphan in AX.25/NetROM (Jeroen PE1RXQ)
> * Pegasus update (Petko Manolov)
> o Make reparent_to_init and exec_usermodehelper (Andrew Morton)
> use set_user, fix a tiny set_user SMP race
> * Mark framebuffer mappings VM_IO (Andrew Morton)
> o Neomagic frame buffer driver (Denis Kropp)
> - Needs FPU code fixing before it can be merged
> * Hyperthreading awareness for MTRR driver
> * Correct NR_IRQ with no apic support (Brian Gerst)
> * Fix missing includes in sound drivers (Michal Jaegermann)
> Linux 2.4.18pre7-ac2
> * i810 audio driver update (Doug Ledford)
> * Early ioremap for x86 specific code (Mikael Pettersson)
> | This is needed to do things like apic/dmi detect early enough
> * Pentium IV APIC/NMI watchdog (Mikael Pettersson)
> * Add C1MRX support to sonypi driver (Junichi Morita)
> * Fix "make rpm" with two '-' in extraversion (Gerald Britton)
> * Fix aacraid hang/irq storm on i960 boards (Chris Pascoe)
> * Fix isdn audio compiler behaviour dependancy (Urs Thuermann)
> * YAM driver fixes (Jean-Paul Roubelat)
> * ROSE protocol stack update/fixes (Jean-Paul Roubelat)
> * Fix UFS/CDROM oops (Zwane Mwaikambo)
> * Fix nm256 hang on Dell Latitude (origin unknown)
> | Please test this tree with other NM256 based boxes and check
> | those still work...
> o Merge PnPBIOS patch (Thomas Hood, David Hinds, Tom Lees,
> Christian Schmidt, ..)
> * Merge new sis frame buffer drivers (Thomas Winischhofer)
> * cs46xx oops fix (Mike Gorse)
> * Fix a second cs46xx bug related to this (me)
> * Fix acpitable oopses on boot and other problems (James Cleverdon)
> o Fix io port type on the hpt366 driver (Pete Popov)
> * Updated matrox drivers (Petr Vandrovec)
> * IPchains fixes needed for 2.4.18pre7
> + IDE config text updates for the IDE patches (Anton Altaparmakov)
> * Merge the first bits of ZV support (Marcus Metzler)
> * Add initial ZV support to yenta socket driver (me)
> for TI cards
> * Fix pirq routing on the CS5530 (me)
> | Finally the palmax pcmcia/cardbus works properly
> Linux 2.4.18pre7-ac1
> o Merge with 2.4.18pre7 (Arjan van de Ven)
> | + some quota fixups redone by me
> | several 18pre7 netfilter bugs left unfixed for now
> o Rmap-12a (Rik van Riel and co)
> Linux 2.4.18pre3-ac2
> * Re-merge the IDE patches (Andre Hedrick and co)
> * Fix check/request region in ali_ircc and lowcomx(Steven Walter)
> com90xx, sealevel, sb1000
> * Remove unused message from 6pack driver (Adrian Bunk)
> * Fix unused variable warning in i60scsi (Adrian Bunk)
> * Fix off by one floppy oops (Keith Owens)
> * Fix i2o_config use of undefined C (Andreas Dilger)
> * Fix fdomain scsi oopses (Per Larsson)
> * Fix sf16fmi hang on boot (me)
> o Add bridge resources to the resource tree (Ivan Kokshaysky)
> * Fix iphase ATM oops on close in on case (Till Immanuel Patzschke)
> * Enable OOSTORE on winchip processors (Dave Jones, me)
> | Worth about 10-20% performance
> * Code Page 1250 support (Petr Titera)
> * Fix sdla and hpfs doc typos (Sven Vermeulen)
> o Document /proc/stat (Sven Heinicke)
> * Update cs4281 drivers (Tom Woller)
> | Fixes xmms stutter, remove wrapper code
> | handle tosh boxes, allow record device change
> | trigger wakeups on ioctl triggered changes
> +/o/X Fix locking of file struct stuff found by ibm (Dipankar Sarma)
> audit
> o Use spin_lock_init in serial.c (Dave Miller)
> * Fix AF_UNIX shutdown bug (Dave Miller)
> Linux 2.4.18pre3-ac1
> o 32bit uid quota
> o rmap-11b VM (Rik van Riel,
> William Irwin etc)
> * Make scsi printer visible (Stefan Wieseckel)
> * Report Hercules Fortissimo card (Minya Sorakinu)
> * Fix O_NDELAY close mishandling on the following (me)
> sound cards: cmpci, cs46xx, es1370, es1371,
> esssolo1, sonicvibes
> * tdfx pixclock handling fix (Jurriaan)
> + Fix mishandling of file system size limiting (Andrea Arcangeli)
> * generic_serial cleanups (Rasmus Andersen)
> o serial.c locking fixes for SMP - move from cli (Kees)
> too
> * Truncate fixes from old -ac tree (Andrew Morton)
> * Hopefully fix the i2o oops (me)
> | Not the right fix but it'll do till I rewrite this
> * Fix non blocking tty blocking bug (Peter Benie)
> o IRQ routing workaround for problem HP laptops (Cory Bell)
> * Fix the rcpci driver (Pete Popov)
> * Fix documentation of aedsp location (Adrian Bunk)
> * Fix the worst of the APM ate my cpu problems (Andreas Steinmetz)
> * Correct icmp documentation (Pierre Lombard)
> * Multiple mxser crash on boot fix (Stephan von Krawczynski)
> o ldm header fix (Anton Altaparmakov)
> * Fix unchecked kmalloc in i2c_proc (Ragnar Hojland Espinosa)
> * Fix unchecked kmalloc in airo_cs (Ragnar Hojland Espinosa)
> * Fix unchecked kmalloc in btaudio (Ragnar Hojland Espinosa)
> * Fix unchecked kmalloc in qnx4/inode.c (Ragnar Hojland Espinosa)
> * Disable DRM4.1 GMX2000 driver (4.0 required) (me)
> * Fix sb16 lower speed limit bug (Jori Liesenborgs)
> * Fix compilation of orinoco driver (Ben Herrenschmidt)
> * ISAPnP init fix (Chris Rankin)
> o Export release_console_sem (Andrew Morton)
> * Output nat crash fix (Rusty Russell)
> * Fix PLIP (Niels Jensen)
> * Natsemi driver hang fix (Manfred Spraul)
> * Add mono/stereo reporting to gemtek pci radio (Jonathan Hudson)
> -
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To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in
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