SMP motherboards (760 MPX chipset) and SMP howto

Emmanuel Michon (
27 Mar 2002 00:11:10 +0100


I'm sorry to write here for a problem only about SMP: there used to be
a linux-smp mailing list but it seems it's not active anymore.

It seems AMD Athlon SMP spec is compatible with Intel's one; can
someone report that the A7M266-D motherboard with the 760 MPX chipset
is running fine linux SMP?

People reported that this combo works properly even with two Athlon XP's
instead of MP's: how do you force this motherboard into SMP mode?

I'm also looking for a ``howto'' explaining where non-SMP-aware module
code will most probably crash a SMP box, it seems there is no such

SMP gurus must have a discussion room more specific than linux-kernel
mailing list at some hidden place!

Sincerely yours,

Emmanuel Michon
Chef de projet
REALmagic France SAS
Mobile: 0614372733 GPGkeyID: D2997E42  
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