Re: SMP motherboards (760 MPX chipset) and SMP howto

Hank Leininger (
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 19:20:04 -0500

On 2002-03-27, Bill Davidsen <> wrote:

> On 27 Mar 2002, Emmanuel Michon wrote:

> > I'm sorry to write here for a problem only about SMP: there used to
> > be a linux-smp mailing list but it seems it's not active anymore.

> I, too, am (was?) a member of that list. I believe it has died
> because SMP is mainline now, instead of cutting edge. Discussion is
> probably appropriate here more than anywhere else.

What are you guys talking about? ;)

The linux-smp list is alive and well. It was hosted by
along with l-k and others; perhaps that death is what you're thinking of?
linux-smp is avail now from It's not terribly high
volume, but various notes-comparing about hardware compatability, etc goes
on steadily.

[ ObShamelessPlug: archives of it at: ]

Hank Leininger <> 
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