Re: Anyone else seen VM related oops on 2.4.18?

Stas Sergeev (
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 12:58:17 +0300


Arjan Opmeer wrote:
> Are there other people that are suffering from a VM related oops on kernel
> 2.4.18?
I've seen that oops 24/7 after installing a
new video card Radeon 7500 AGP.
Before I had PCI video card.
When DRI is enabled, the whole box hangs after
~10 minutes of using OpenGL, and if DRI disabled
and radeon.o is unloaded, I have a vm-related Oopses.
Exactly the same: invalid operand in __free_pages_ok().
I still have a lot of them in my system log, but I am
afraid I don't have the relevant for
ksymoops'ing them.
I tried to switch to -ac tree and what I get is just
about the same Oops:

BUT: Andrea vm patches seems to cure that!
I am only two days with them, so everything is
still possible, but before it used to Oops just
about every half an hour.
So thousands of thanks goes to Andrea:)

Btw, I've seen exactly the same reports in DRI
mailing lists and they were reported with different video
cards, but the similar thing was that all the reporters
has an AMD 751 Irongate as host bridge.
I also have it.
What is your north bridge?
This really seems strange for me that video card
or the host bridge causes vm to oops, but who knows...
Anyway, it is definitely not a nvidia drivers related:(

If anyone wants me to reproduce and ksymoops this
Oops, feel free to ask. I am ready to do just
about everything to get this problem fixed, else
I just can't use my new cool Radeon...
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