Re: PCI init issues
Wed, 5 Mar 2003 02:12:50 +0300 (MSK)


> - XP is able to reprogramm the IO_APIC so that all four pins are
> routed properly.
> Sounds a bit heretical, I know. :-)

Let me to cite message from Znyx engineer.

>>The question is important. Looking into our implemenation, I see
>>that it is strongly bound to correctness of mp table.
>We had a similar problem in about 1994, when we designed
>the first multi-port adapters with a bridge. Most BIOSes at that
>point did not initialize PPBs, or they did not do it correctly. We
>decided to build the required support into our drivers. That meant
>that some vendors with broken BIOS would point to us and say 'see
>it works'. Our advantage in selling these people adapters, but
>maybe it took a bit longer for the market to force vendors to fix

So, maybe the workaround is in znyx driver for XP. :-)
BIOSes were fixed to understand the first level bridges,
but I guess none of them construct correct tables
for second level bridges.

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