Re: 2.5.63-mm2

Andrew Morton (
Tue, 4 Mar 2003 15:18:04 -0800

Mark Wong <> wrote:
> Reverting to Linus's 2.5.63 tree produces the same problem for me. I
> had thought I tried it before, but it turns out I was running 2.5.62.
> 2.5.62's aic7xxx_old is good for me.

There are no significant differences in that driver between .62 and .63. So
I am assuming that 2.5.62 works, 2.5.63 doesn't, and that you have not
actually tried 2.5.62's aic7xxx_old in a 2.5.63 tree?

If so, don't bother - it won't make any difference. Looks like someone broke
something in scsi core which colaterally damaged aic7xxx_old. I suggest you
feed it into bugme for now.

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