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News and events / Ajankohtaista

This calendar contains news and events of the Department of Computer Science. Some of the announcements and events are in Finnish.

Tiedot tapahtumista ovat joko suomeksi tai englanniksi riippuen tilaisuuden kielestä.

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11.3. Matemaattis-luonnontieteellinen tiedekunnan Kumpulan tiedekampuksen ALUMNITAPAHTUMA torstaina 11.3.2010 klo 16.00-20.00.
Ilmoittautuminen 3.3.2010 mennessä!

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4.3.Software Factory's official opening in March-4th, 2010, 13-17 - Register now at www.softwarefactory.cc!

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23.2. Guest lecture: Maemo/MeeGo semantic social desktop

Ivan Frade (a spanish engineer who has been working in Nokia during the last two years on the Content FW of Maemo) will give a guest lecture on Tuesday February 23 at 10:15-12 at Kumpula in Exactum B119.

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19.2. Deadline: Summerjobs in IT research institutions (deadline 19 February) / Tule kesätöihin tutkimuslaitoksiin (hakuaika 19.2. asti)

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12.2. Deadline: Harjoittelutuki 2010 haettavana!

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11.2. Guest lecture: Flexible Data-centric Networking with the PADRES Publish/Subscribe System

Prof. Hans-Arno Jacobsen from University of Toronto will give a guest lecture on Thursday February 11 at 14-16 at Kumpula in Exactum CK111.

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1.2. Deadline: Master's Degree Programmes in Computer Science

The application period closes on the 1st of February, 2010 (at 16:15/4:15 p.m. CMT +2).
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1.2. Deadline: Haku Bioinformatiikan maisteriohjelmaan (MBI) on käynnissä / Admission period for Master's Degree Programme in Bioinformatics (MBI) is now open

Hakuaika päättyy 1.2.2010.
Admission period ends 1 February 2010.

20.1. Guest lecture: A Universal System for Exploring (and Creating) Time-based Phenomena

Donald Byrd, School of Informatics & Jacobs School of Music Indiana University Bloomington, will give a guest lecture on Wednesday January 20 at 12:15 in Exactum, lecture room B222.

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18.1. Guest lecture: Fusion gene identification using Solexa paired-end RNA sequencing

Henrik Edgren from Kallioniemi group, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, University of Helsinki, will give a guest lecture on Monday January 18 at 13:15-14 in Exactum, room C222. The talk is part of a sequence assembly seminar.

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14.1. Guest lecture: Towards efficient information dissemination in Peer-to-Peer networks

Dr. Weixiong Rao is visiting the Department during 11-15.1. and he will give an invited lecture on Thursday 14.1. 14-16 in Exactum B222. The lecture is based on his recent research articles in Infocom 2009 and ICDE 2009.

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13.1. Guest lecture: ContextLogger2: A tool for smartphone data collection

Tero Hasu, a researcher at HIIT/Spektri, will be visiting Kumpula on Wednesday, January 13th, and will give a guest lecture starting at 10:15 (in lecture room B222)

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