Algodan seminar 2011

Time: 28th October 2011, at 8:45 - 21:00
Place: Park Hotel Käpylä, Pohjolankatu 38, Helsinki (map)

Group photo


Many of the Algodan researchers will give talks on their research. There are 20 minutes reserved for each of the talks, if anything else is not stated in the programme.

08:45Morning coffee
09:15Welcome Address
Esko UkkonenAlgodan now and in 2014
09:30Session 1: Bridges, Bayes and Occam
Mikko KoivistoThe sum-product bridge
Pekka ParviainenAlgorithms for exact structure discovery in Bayesian networks
Valentin PolishchukDistributed Localization and Clustering Using Data Correlation and the Occam’s Razor Principle
10:40Session 2: Sequences
Veli MäkinenIndexing Finite Language Representation of Population Genotypes
Leena SalmelaFast scaffolding with small independent mixed integer programs
Juha KärkkäinenImproving FM Index
11:40Group Photo (by Esa Pitkänen)
13:00Session 3: Lattices, segments and histograms
Petteri KaskiFast zeta transforms for lattices with few irreducibles
Esa JunttilaSegmented nestedness in binary data (10 min)
Panu LuostoClustgrams: An extension to histogram densities based on the MDL principle
14:00Session 4: Creativity and Uralic studies
Hannu ToivonenGraph mining and creativity
Alessandro ValituttiComputational humour
Roman YangarberUraLink: modeling Uralic etymology
15:00Afternoon coffee
15:30Session 5: Neuroinformatics
Aapo HyvärinenOn statistical testing in unsupervised learning
Patrik HoyerControlling for confounding
16:10Session 6: Eco-socio-lingua
Kai PuolamäkiOverview of the group and correlations and co-occurrences in ecology (10-15 min)
Panagiotis PapapetrouInfluence attribution in social networks (10-15 min)
Jefrey LijffijtData mining methods for corpus linguistics and temporal data (10-15 min)
17:00Session 7: Bioinformatic and environmental modeling
Juho RousuMachine learning for molecular data
Esa PitkänenComparative metabolic reconstruction of fungal species
Mika Sulkava, Mikko Korpela, Janne ToivolaParsimonious models in monitoring the environment and wireless sensor networks