Tane: Efficient Discovery of Functional and Approximate Dependencies Using Partitions

Ykä Huhtala, Juha Kärkkäinen, Pasi Porkka, and Hannu Toivonen
University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science and Rolf Nevanlinna Institute


The discovery of functional dependencies from relations is an important database analysis technique. We present TANE, an efficient algorithm for finding functional dependencies from large databases. TANE is based on partitioning the set of rows with respect to their attribute values, which makes testing the validity of functional dependencies fast even for a large number of tuples. The use of partitions also makes the discovery of approximate functional dependencies easy and efficient and the erroneous or exceptional rows can be identified easily. Experiments show that TANE is fast in practice. For benchmark databases the running times are improved by several orders of magnitude over previously published results. The algorithm is also applicable to much larger datasets than the previous methods.

Full journal article

TANE: An Efficient Algorithm for Discovering Functional and Approximate Dependencies. The Computer Journal 42 (2), 1999, pp. 100-111.

An early conference paper

Efficient Discovery of Functional and Approximate Dependencies Using Partitions. In 14th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE'98), pp. 392-401, Orlando, Florida, February 1998. IEEE Computer Society Press.
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TANE program

An implementation of the algorithms presented in the above paper is available: tane-1.0.tar.gz. (Installation directions are also available) (...as are some additional instructions for using it.)

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