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IIP Mobile and IIP Wireless Projects

(Fall 2000 - Spring 2003)

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- Brief project description

The standardization body for the Internet protocols, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), is specifying various performance enhancements to TCP and is documenting the impact of problematic link-layer characteristics to the Internet protocols. In addition, mitigations to the performance implications of problematic link characteristics and approaches to enhance the performance that the Internet protocols, particularly TCP, attain in the face of particular link characteristics are being documented.

The objective of the IIP Mobile and IIP Wireless projects is to measure the TCP performance implications of those link characteristics that are typical for wireless links. In addition, some experimental TCP performance enhancements for particular link characteristics are implemented and the impact of the enhancements is analyzed.

Additionally, the projects develop further a real-time software emulator called Seawind. Seawind enables measurements of protocol implementations in modeled networking environments. Seawind provides a rich set of ways to define transfer characteristics including delays and errors. The software has also means to conduct large sets of experiments in an automatic fashion. In addition, tools of analyzing measurement data has been integrated into the Seawind software.

- Papers and presentations

- Seawind Network Emulator

- Modifications to Linux TCP

- Project members

Kimmo Raatikainen
Markku Kojo

Andrei Gurtov
Tuomas Kulve
Jaakko Kyrö
Simone Leggio
Oriana Riva
Jarno Saarto
Pasi Sarolahti

Markku Kojo -