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Text with a structure is quite common: dictionaries, reference manuals and annual reports are typical examples. In recent years, research on systems for processing structured documents has flourished. The SGML and ODA standards have further increased the interest in the area.

The Document Management (DocMan) Research Group studies the theory and applications of such structured documents. In an on-going research project called Structured and Intelligent Documents (SID), the DocMan group studies and develops methods for attaching intelligent features to structured documents. The purpose of these features is to make the manipulation (storage, retrieval and assembly) of documents easier. Other on-going research within the DocMan group includes building grammars from pretagged text, and structured document transformations.

Former research projects include the RATI project (1988-91) for building a prototype document manipulation system which provides multiple views of a document, and the sgrep project (1995) which designed and implemented a search tool for structured documents. Also some results of the VITAL project (1990-95) are usable in this context: one of the tools built in the VITAL project was a general purpose text transformation generator suitable also for structured document transformations.


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See the list of selected publications by the members of the DocMan Group. The list includes only publications in areas related to document management.


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