58308302 Seminar: Neuroinformatics

Topic: Advanced data analysis methods in brain imaging

Seminar for Master's and PhD students in English, 3 cu (ECTS), 2008-09


Aapo Hyvärinen


17/09-08/10/2008 and 29/10-26/11/2008 on Wednesdays at 14:15-15:45 o'clock in lecture hall C220 (Exactum).

Target audience

Master's and PhD students in statistics (incl. EuroBayes), computer science (specialization in algorithms & machine learning, intelligent systems, or bioinformatics), or applied mathematics (specialization e.g. in stochastics).

Previous knowledge of neuroscience is not necessary, although desirable.


The seminar will consider a number of published articles in which advance data analysis methods are applied or developed for brain imaging data. Participants will present the articles, one article per participant. An introductory lecture or two will also be given for those not familiar with brain imaging. Here are the articles we will go through.

To get the credit points, you are supposed to

Detailed timetable

17.09. Introduction, scheduling
24.09. Pavan: introduction to MEG/EEG
01.10. Ilkka: ICA_artifacts, Juan: minimumcurrent
08.10. Matti: EEG_causality, Ignacio: braincomputerinterface
--------( two weeks break )----------------------------
29.10. Paul: variationalbayes, Erik: beamforming
05.11. Urs: introduction to fMRI
12.11. Marko: grangercausality, Michael: fMRI_neurophysiology
19.11. Mika: textmining, Melissa: multivoxelreview
26.11. Free discussion (voluntary)