58315307: Seminar on SDN+NFV

Page last updated on Sep 1, 2015.

Wed 12-14C22002.09.2015-14.10.2015
Sasu Tarkoma
Ashwin Rao

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Telecom providers, datacenter operators, and equipment manufacturers are actively evaluating technologies that can be leveraged to not only architect future communication networks, but also re-structure existing networks to serve the ever-changing usage of communication networks. Two technologies that can be leveraged for this exercise are Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDNs). NFVs enable virtualization technologies (e.g., virtual machines) to be used to deploy network functions such as Intrusion Detection Systems, Load Balancers, etc. NFVs thus enable the possibility for a fast roll-out of networking services and also to scale these services on demand. SDNs offer solutions to programmatically configure and manage the connectivity between these network functions. SDNs thus simplify network management by providing a clean and open interface between the network functions and the software controller managing these devices.

During this seminar course, the students will get an opportunity to explore SDNs and NFV with the help of seminal and recent papers that explore NFVs and SDNs through different perspectives such as distributed systems, operating systems, and programming languages. The high level objectives of this seminar course are detailed in the following URL [Objectives of a Seminar Course]

Weekly Schedule

Day Agenda Course Material
02.09.2015 Overview of NFV and SDN
Course requirement
Grading policy
List of seed papers
Tentative Schedule
Annotated version of Road to SDN
Seed Papers (zip)
How to Read a Paper
Comic on how not to submit the report
09.09.2015 Report Template
Discussion on Topics
Selection of Topic
Shortlisting papers to read for report
Latex template for report (md5: eb693fbb8e4ea89c64ef89b9245501c5)
Google Doc on Topics
16.09.2015 20-30 minute video presentation
Discussion of video
Discussion on first pass of papers shortlisted
Writing an outline for report
Shortlisting papers to cite
Video: Gentle Introduction to Software-Defined Networking, by Scott Shenker
Comic: Report Outline
Comic: References
23.09.2015 20-30 minute video presentation
Discussion of video
Discussion on first pass of papers decided to be cited
Video: The Middlebox Manifesto, by Vyas Sekar
Making Middleboxes Someone Else’s Problem: Network Processing as a Cloud Service
xkcd: Heartbleed
30.09.2015 40 minute video presentation
Discussion of video
Expanding the report outline
Dynamic Service Chaining for SDN NFV
Service Function Chaining (SFC) Architecture
07.10.2015 50 minute video presentation
Discussion of video
Schedule for presentations and report
15-20 minute talk followed by 5 to 10 min Q&A from 11.11.2015 to 02.12.2015
Deadline for submitting report 22.11.2015 (moodle link will be provided)
Deadline for submitting reviews 04.12.2015 (moodle link will be provided)
Making SDNs Work, by Nick McKeown
14.10.2015 Discussion on seminar report and presentations (attendance not mandatory) -
28.10.2015 Discussion on seminar report and presentations (attendance not mandatory) -
04.11.2015 Example talk on topic not chosen by students Slides (odp) (pdf)
11.11.2015 Student Presentation Schedule
18.11.2015 Student Presentation Schedule
22.11.2015 Deadline for submitting reports (no class on this day) Click here for Moodle submission link
25.11.2015 Student Presentation Schedule
02.12.2015 Student Presentation Schedule
04.12.2015 Deadline for submitting reviews (no class on this day) -
09.12.2015 Discussion on Reviews -

Report Template

Latex template for report (md5: eb693fbb8e4ea89c64ef89b9245501c5)


Reviews have to be written on your own. You are expected to write a detailed review explaining clearly the following:
  1. What are the key take aways from the report? 1-2 sentences.
  2. What are the strengths of this report? 3-5 sentences.
  3. What are the main weaknesses of this report? 3-5 sentences.
  4. If you were to present this topic, what would you do differently? 1-2 sentences.
  5. Which ideas do you see for future research work on this topic? At least 3-5 sentences.
  6. Why do you like/dislike this report? 1-2 sentences.


Grading is done on a scale of 1 to 5

40% Report
30% Oral Presentation
20% Peer Review of Reports
10% Participation

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