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Eemil Lagerspetz

Eemil Lagerspetz

My name is Eemil Lagerspetz, . I studied at the University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science from 2003 and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 2006. I also worked at the department for a little more than half a year, in the Mobilife project, developing BeTelGeuse among other things. I did the Finnish civilian service at the Helsinki University of Technology. I completed my Master's thesis in October 2009. The thesis was graded Eximia (5/5). After that I have worked on mobile computing research at NODES and HIIT. My research interests include large-scale data analysis, ubiquitous and mobile computing, energy efficiency, and cloud computing. I was a major contributor in the Carat project from 2012 until end of 2014. I then finished my PhD Thesis on Collaborative Mobile Energy Efficiency, which was accepted with distinction November 2014. I worked as VP Advanced Analytics at Seneqo Oy, a Big Data and environmental measurement company in 2016. Currently I work at the University of Helsinki, managing the Carat project and related research activities, including mobile distributed computing.

I am interested in programming, languages (both natural and programming), drawing, music (singing, listening, I used to play the trumpet, too), and various computer, board and card games.

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