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Operating Systems (8 op), Fall 2006

Everybody who participated the whole course and both exams passed the course This is the first time course is given in this form. It covers and replaces both earlier courses Operating Systems I and Operating Systems II.


Course Structure

There will be two Finnish lectures each week.

One practise session to discuss the homeworks and their solutions is given in English each week. The homeworks must be solved in advance. They will normally be published one week before the practise session meeting.

There will also be three projects for small teams. There projects give a larger and more combine view to certain problems related to operating systems. Projects are discussed and solved in a group of two to four students. To form the groups smoothly it is important that all students participate to the first practise session on Thursday 7.9.

Course book

Course book is W. Stallings: Operating Systems. Prentice Hall fifth edition from the year 2005.

You may use the fourth (and in some cases even the third) edition. With these you must read the operatins system related updates, that are available from Stalling's course page.

Occationally some additional material may be needed to solve the homeworks or projects.

News group hy.opiskelu.tktl.kj is available for discussions about the course and the problems in homeworks, etc.


You must enroll to the course using the normal Ilmo-system.

Team projects

The reports of the student teams will be graded using the following skale:

If the report is returned after the deadline, you may get only half of the points.

The team reports will be graded and some feedback will be given to each team as soon as possible.

Participating in one study team means that you will commit to the team's goals, participate in the team's meetings, reserve time for the course, provide your own knowledge and skills to help the others in your team. You also need to reserve time ofr indivual studying. It si not possible to partially participate in study teams, also it is not allowed to make individual decision to quit. However, based on the teams negotiations it is possible for one student to quit or for the whole team to disgard a non-participating member.

If you wish to do totally individual work and not benefit from team work and the ideas the others can provide, you may do so. However, the feedback given about the submitted reports will be less. The comments on the reprots will not be that detailed.


Course will cover four thematic areas. Each will have six lectures, three practise sessions. The first three theams will have a team projects, for which a written report must be submitted on time.

Lectures (In Finnish) 6.9. - 13.10. and 1.11 - 8.12.

   Tiina Niklander    Wed 14-16 and Fri 12-14 CK112 

Practice Sessions 7.9 - 8.12.

   1.   Mika Karlstedt   TO 8-10 C221    (In
English, if needed) 
   2.   Mika Karlstedt   PE 14-16 C221   (In

The questions for the weekly exercises will be available from the Finnish page

1. Exam : Thu 19.10 9.00-12

Passing the course

The full course has two exams, three team projects and weekly practise sessions (12 of them).

To pass the course you must collect at least 30 points. The maximum number of points available is 60. Each exam will give maximum of 24 points, the three team projects maximum of 4 points each. In addition to these it is also possible to earn 6 points from the weekly practise sessions. These points will be calculated based on the number of weekly exrcises you have solved before the meeting.

First course exam is on Thursday 19.10. at 9.00-12 in the small auditorium CK112.
The exam covers

  1. exercises 1-6 and
  2. book chapters 1-8 (sections 5.1 - 6.6 are not included).
  3. Please notice that the second team task is part of this exam area, even if it's deadline is after the exam.
2. COURSE EXAM in on Thursday 14.12. at 9.00-12. The exam room is not yet assigned.
The exam covers
  1. exercises 7-12,
  2. book chapters 9-16 (excluding the section 13 Networking that does not exist in the 4th edition) and
  3. third team task.
Please take id (student card, passport) with you to the exam. The Id needs to have your name and photo.
You also need to take pencils (or pens) with you to the exam. You may also take some snacks.
You are not allowed to have any notes, books or other written material available in the exam.

Old exams are available from the preceeding course Operating Systems II home page. Scroll down and look for link Prev. exams.

The exams of this course will appear on exam collection.

in English Team porojects

Team projects: