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582641 Collaboration of autonomous business services (4cu)
Autonomisten järjestelmien yhteistoiminta (4op)

Position in Curriculum and Course Prerequisities

The course is directed towards the MSc and doctoral studies. It is recommended for the students interested in topic areas at

The course have been given with the same name but different course number previously; it is not possible to include both in to any MSc or PhD degrees.

The assumption is made that courses like Distributed systems, Operating systems 1-2 and Data communication 1-2 are previously covered. An alternative route is via Software engineering sub-programme with Software arhitectures course.

A strong prerequisite requirement is set on the course Scientific Writing, as half of the coursework is invested on individual litterature study and writing task.

Goal of the course

The current trend of globalization of business and increased demand for electronic business networks sets high demands for the computing platforms and business applications used in enterprises. The platforms are expected to provide support for business network establishment, participation into multiple networks simultaneously, and adaptation to heterogeneous technologies.

During the course, the participants will actively gather information about the collaboration challenges and problems in an open networked environment. As potential solutions, modern middleware, business process management, and virtual organisation architectures are studied.

See also the course learning objectives table

Course contents