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The format of submissions is a graph (tree or not), optionally a directed one. You can use:

  1. a subset of the DOT format used by GraphViz. The observed nodes should be labeled by the labels of the texts (e.g. p1, p2, ...).
  2. for tree-shaped structures you can use a simple parenthesis format: e.g ((A,B),(C,D)).
  3. you can provide an adjacency matrix: List all nodes (the given ones labeled by their names p1,p2,...; the remaining nodes you can name in any way you like), then give the adjacency matrix – a '1' at position (i,j) indicating an edge from i to j, -1 indicated no edge (0 indicates edge of length 0, i.e., two or more nodes merged together). Symmetric matrices with position (i,j) equal to position (j,i) correspond to undirected graphs. The file should look like this:
    ⟨number of nodes⟩
    ⟨e1,1⟩ ⟨e1,2⟩ ⟨.⟩ ⟨e1,N⟩
    ⟨e2,1⟩ ⟨e2,2⟩ ⟨.⟩ ⟨e2,N⟩
    ⟨.⟩    ⟨.⟩    ⟨.⟩   ⟨.⟩
    ⟨.⟩    ⟨.⟩    ⟨.⟩   ⟨.⟩
    ⟨.⟩    ⟨.⟩    ⟨.⟩   ⟨.⟩
    ⟨eN,1⟩ ⟨eN,2⟩ ⟨.⟩ ⟨eN,N⟩
    where ei,j encodes the existence of edge from node i to node j.
We are also open to your suggestions.

A dot-file for the example solution for data-set #2 is here. (The shape and fontsize parameters are optional.)

Your submission should also indicate:

  1. The name of your team.
  2. The members of your team.¹
  3. A short description of the methods you used.

¹ All the members should have agreed to be named as a member of your team.

Before submitting, please check the Rules.

E-mail your submission (or any questions) to teemu.roos at