Code Examples for

Programming in Scala

by Martin Odersky, Lex Spoon, Bill Venners

  1. A Scalable Language
  2. First Steps in Scala
  3. Next Steps in Scala
  4. Classes and Objects
  5. Basic Types and Operations
  6. Functional Objects
  7. Built-in Control Structures
  8. Functions and Closures
  9. Control Abstraction
  10. Composition and Inheritance
  11. Scala's Hierarchy
  12. Traits
  13. Packages and Imports
  14. Assertions and Unit Testing
  15. Case Classes and Pattern Matching
  16. Working with Lists
  17. Collections
  18. Stateful Objects
  19. Type Parameterization
  20. Abstract Members
  21. Implicit Conversions and Parameters
  22. Implementing Lists
  23. For Expressions Revisited
  24. Extractors
  25. Annotations
  26. Working with XML
  27. Modular Programming Using Objects
  28. Object Equality
  29. Combining Scala and Java
  30. Actors and Concurrency
  31. Combinator Parsing
  32. GUI Programming
  33. The SCells Spreadsheet

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