Denis Gaultier: 3 pieces in D-major

Arto Wikla 25.12.2011

These three pieces – Prelude, Allemande "Phaeton foudroy" and Courante "Minerve" – were published in Gaultier's printed book "Livre de Tablature" in 1672. I have a recorded a video of this set of pieces in YouTube, see The video is combined of my recordings of the single pieces. Links to them below.

Tuning of 11-course baroque lute: 8th —> f#, 11th —> C#. (11th used only in the Prelude.)

Prelude (Livre p. 32)

Allemande "Phaeton foudroy" (Livre p. 44)

Courante "Minerve" (Livre p. 48)

My page 11-course lute music — kind of learning project, started in 2010

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