Suite in b-minor, A-KR L85

Arto Wikla 15.12.2011

This "suite" in b-minor comes from the ms. A-KR L85 (Benediktiner-Stift Kremsmunster, Regenterei oder Musikarchiv). These pieces form kind of "suite". I even imagine hearing some thematic connection between the parts...

I have a recorded a video of this set of pieces in YouTube, see

The "suite" has been combined of my recordings of the single pieces. Links to them below. You can get this page also as a pdf-file.

Tuning of 11-course baroque lute: 8th —> f#, 11th —> B'.

80 Prelude (fol. 52v-53r)

81 (Air or Hymn?) (fol. 53v-54r)

82 (presto-adagio-presto-adagio) (fol. 54v-55r)

83 (Aria ?) (fol. 55v)

84 (Menuet?) (fol. 56r)

86 Retirada (fol. 57v-58r)

My page 11-course lute music — kind of learning project, started in 2010

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