Suite in C-major "The Moomins" (Losy)

Arto Wikla 27.2.2012

Snork Maiden and Moomin are listening the beautiful lute pieces by Johann Anton Losy von Losinthal. When the evening comes and especially when the piece then is "Caro mio ben", they find more interesting affairs than listening the lute... In the morning they are here again, listening the joyful Capriccio. Also some of the Hattifatteners are present.

These pieces by Johann Anton Losy come from ms. Kalmar KLM 21.072. I have recorded a video of this "suite" in YouTube, see The suite has been combined of my recordings of the single pieces. Links to them below.

Prelude and Allemande, folio 78r and 74v-75r

I have made some corrections to the Allemende.

Courante, folio 75v

Gavotte (aka "Caro mio ben"), folio 73v-74r

Capriccio, folio 75r

My page 11-course lute music — kind of learning project, started in 2010

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