Suite in f-minor, US-Danby

Arto Wikla 10.2.2012

This suite in f-minor comes from the ms. "My Lord Danby's Lute Book", pp. 41-46 (Rochester, NY, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, Sibley Music Library).

I have a recorded a video of these pieces in YouTube, see

The suite has been combined of my recordings of the single pieces. Links to them below.

Tuning of 11-course baroque lute: 9th —> Eb, 10th —> Db.

Allemande Le triste depart (p. 41-42)

Courante (p. 43-44) and Sarabande (p. 44) and

Gigue (p. 45-46)

My page 11-course lute music — kind of learning project, started in 2010

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