Four Theorboes in June 30th 2003

A strange thing happened today! In my home there was a concentration of four theorboes! I have just got my new theorbo by Timo Kontio (see my page dieffopruchar 1608). And my two theorbo students happened to have their lessons today. Of course I also have my good old Stephen Barber theorbo. I suppose that a concentration of 4 theorboes in any home is quite unusual... ;-)

Here are Anna and Sami. Anna is holding my new Dieffopruchar and her own theorbo by Timo Kontio. Sami has his Timo Kontio theorbo, same model as Anna's. (Click the small photos!)

And here are all the four! The one to the left (and on the top) is my good old Barber theorbo, next is my new big beast, and the two are Anna's and Sami's instruments. Aren't they beautiful! Enjoy! :-)

Arto Wikla, 30.6.2003
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