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Updated 25.9.95.

The transcriptions of the three suites - in c-minor, in C-major and in f-minor - are for 10-course lute in 'renaissance tuning', but nearly everything is playable also by an 8-course instrument.

The birth of this publication was interestingly related to the Internet. Wayne Cripps in Dartmouth has made a wonderful lute typesetting program, which he shares to everybody throuh the net. I wanted to learn to use the program and as an exercise I typesetted the c minor suite of de Visee. I placed my transcription to the net for public use (to a WWW-page and an ftp-site). Then Dick Hoban in Texas found my transcription, liked it, and suggested that his Lyre Music could publish the suite and a couple of others.

Dick Hoban sent the following announcement of my de Visee book to the posting list of Lute Society of America:

Lyre Music Publications is pleased to announce the publication of:

 ***** Pieces de Luth Composees par Mr de Visee  ******

Three elegant suites originally composed for theorbo by Robert de Visee 
have been thoughtfully transcribed for lute in renaissance tuning by Arto
Wikla of Finland. Designed to be played on 8-course or 10-course lute,
these suites (30 pages of music) are presented together with extensive
notes on style and ornamentation (including fingering examples). 

The de Visee suites are available for  $20.00US plus  $2.00US for
postage in the United States. Please add  $5.00US for international postage.

Orders can be sent to:
Lyre Music Publications
3710 Bellaire Circle
Fort Worth, TX 76109

or contact us at:

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