Pieces by Robert de Visée

Updated 20.9.95.

In 1990 I transcribed some pieces by Robert de Visée for archute (in French tabulature). The basses 4-7 are not used much, so a 10-course instrument suits well. You can also try an 8-course lute, but then tune the 8th to C.

As models for my transcriptions I used the Saizenay versions for theorbo and d-minor lute, the baroque guitar version, and Visee's own staff notation version. I tried to achieve idiomatic writing, and the pieces have been quite nice to perform, though all not very simple. There is a small explanation of the ornaments of the pieces.

The pieces are in PostScrip files, so you must use a ps-printer or ps-viewer. The ps-files were made by using the tab program created by Wayne Cripps. For some reason or another the ghostview-viewer leaves some tabulature lines out, but the paper print is ok.

I have copyright to the transcriptions, but licence to perform is granted to everyone, in condition the transcriber is mentioned. Arto Wikla
Lyre Music Publications have published a developed version of this suite, and a couple of other suites by de Visee.

Pieces in c-minor

  1. Prelude (also in pdf: Prelude)
  2. Allemande, La Conversation (also in pdf: Allemande, La Conversation)
  3. Courante (also in pdf: Courante)
  4. Sarabande (also in pdf: Sarabande)
  5. Gigue (also in pdf: Gigue)
  6. Gavotte 1 (also in pdf: Gavotte 1)
  7. Gavotte 2 (also in pdf: Gavotte 2)

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