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  1. Aline d'Ambricourt, France-Denmark, harpsichord
  2. Petra Aminoff, Finland, traverso, recorder
  3. Philip Bayles, USA, conducting, composing, piano, harpsichord
  4. David Bellugi, Italy, recorder
  5. Tom Berghan, USA, lute
  6. Christophe Bernard, France, lute
  7. Kléber Besson, France, luthiste-théorbiste
  8. Sophia Brumfitt, UK, soprano
  9. Ben Byram-Wigfield, UK, counter-tenor, publisher
  10. Andrew Byrne, Australia, lutes, theorbo, baroque guitar
  11. Barbara Cadranel, USA, harpsichord
  12. Diego Cantalupi, Italy, lute, theorbo, baroque guitar
  13. Monica Cellio, USA, hammer dulcimer etc.
  14. Agnethe Christensen, Denmark, mezzo-soprano
  15. Luca Chiavinato, Italy, lutes, theorbo
  16. Curtis Clark, USA, recorder, early music MIDI
  17. Jerassimos Andreas Coidan, Greece, Belgium, harpsichord, organ
  18. Wayne Cripps, USA, lute, tabulature typesetting
  19. László Czidra, Hungary, recorder, directing, musicology
  20. August Denhard, USA, theorbo
  21. Bruce Dickey, Italy, Swizerland (&USA), cornetto, musicology
  22. Elizabeth Dodd, UK, viol, renaissance and baroque dance
  23. Carl Donsbach, USA, lute, viol, guitar, composition
  24. Ed Durbrow, Japan, renaissance and baroque lute, baroque guitar
  25. Jonathan Dunford, France, viola da gamba
  26. Imma Einsingbach, Germany, singing, teaching singers
  27. Lex Eisenhardt, Netherlands, early guitars
  28. Per Kjetil Farstad, Norway, guitar, lute, musicology
  29. Giorgio Ferraris, Italy, guitar, lute, theorbo, musical iconography
  30. Jerry Fuller, USA, double bass, violone
  31. Donatella Galletti, Italy, lute, theorbo, guitar
  32. Jan Grüter, Germany, baroque lute, chitarrone, theorboe, baroque guitar
  33. Alden Hackmann, USA, hurdy-gurdy
  34. Aapo Häkkinen, Finland, harpsichord, clavichord
  35. Vasily Ilisavsky, Russia, piano and fortepiano
  36. Matteo Imbruno, Netherlands, organist
  37. David Jarratt-Knock, UK, cornetto, trumpet
  38. Lars Johannesson, Sweden, USA, baroque flute, flutes, festival managing
  39. Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen, Finland, violin
  40. Assi Karttunen, Finland, harpsichord
  41. Rob MacKillop, Scotland, lutes, theorbo, mandores, guitar
  42. Susan King, Australia, lutes, harp
  43. Joachim Klingenfuß, Germany, lutes, theorbo, vihuela
  44. Henning Klocke, Germany, tenor
  45. Nancy Knowles, USA, soprano
  46. Anneliina Koskinen, Finland, soprano
  47. David Lampson, USA, wind instruments, editing
  48. Jeff Lee, USA, singing, lute, recorder, tabor pipe
  49. Brad Leissa, USA, voice, recorder
  50. Trudelies Leonhardt,  Switzerland, fortepiano
  51. Marc Lewon, Germany, lute, singing
  52. Jakob Lindberg, Sweden, UK, lutes
  53. [another page:] Jakob Lindberg, Sweden, UK, lutes
  54. Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, Finland, viola da gamba, baroque cello
  55. Felix Marangoni, Italy, organ, harpsicord and musicology
  56. Massimo Marchese, Italy, lute, theorbo, vihuela
  57. Angela Mariani, USA, medievel harp, radio producer
  58. Federico Marincola, Italy, lute
  59. Anssi Mattila, Finland, conducting, harpsichord
  60. Todd Michel McComb, USA, music history, CD-lists, FAQ of r.m.e
  61. Nicholas Milne, Amsterdam, viola da gamba
  62. Elina Mustonen, Finland, harpsichord
  63. Benjamin Narvey, France, lute, theorbo, baroque guitar
  64. David Newman, USA, singing
  65. Ercole Nisini, Italian in Germany, barock trombone
  66. Karl Nyhlin, Sweden, lute, theorbo, guitar
  67. Yoshiko and Hiromi Okamoto, Japan, recorder and harpshichord
  68. Miguel de Olaso, Argentina, lute, baroque guitar
  69. David van Ooijen, The Netherlands, lutes and guitars
  70. Laurence Orlowski, France, soprano
  71. Ibo Ortgies, Germany, musicologist (organ building history, temperament, tuning and ensemble intonation ...)
  72. Kees Otten, Netherlands, recorder
  73. Giorgio Pacchioni, Italy, recorder, ocarina, theory, composition
  74. Brian Payne, Ireland, lute, vihuela, orpharion
  75. Hille Perl, Germany, viola da gamba, lirone
  76. Katherine Roberts Perl, USA, harpsichord
  77. Kim Pineda, USA, transverse flute, recorder
  78. Jean-Marie Poirier, France, lute and other early plucked strings
  79. Jari S. Puhakka, Finland, traverso, recorder
  80. Anthony Purnell, UK, recorders, windcap reeds, harpsichord, lute and baroque guitar
  81. Bob Purrenhage, USA, lute, viol, recorders, krummhorns, dulcians, renaissance guitar, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, cittern, rackett
  82. Annamari Pölhö, Finland, harpsichord
  83. Elisabeth Reed, USA, baroque cello and viola da gamba
  84. Juan Carlos Rivera, Spain, vihuela, theorbo, baroque quitar
  85. György Róbert, Hungary, recorder
  86. Timothy Roberts, UK, harpsichord, organ, fortepiano, clavichord
  87. Salvatore Salvaggio, USA, classical guitar, 19th century guitar, baroque guitar, cittern and renaissance/baroque lutes
  88. Jordi Savall, Catalonia, viola da gamba, directing
  89. Lynda Sayce, UK, lute, theorbo
  90. Andreas Schlegel, Switzerland, lute, guitar
  91. John Schneiderman, USA, lute, guitar
  92. RAG Seely, Canada, lute
  93. Rebecca Smith, Australia, harpsichord
  94. Hopkinson Smith, Switzerland, (USA), vihuela, lute, theorbo, renaissance and baroque guitars and baroque lute
  95. Raphaella Smits, Belgium, classical guitar
  96. Ulrich Sommerrock, Germany, lute
  97. Conrad Steinmann, Switzerland, recorders
  98. Annette Taranto, Sweden, singing
  99. Oleg Timofeyev, USA, guitar, lute, musicology
  100. Kiri Tollaksen, USA, trumpet, cornetto
  101. Laurence Traiger, USA (working in Germany), viola, composer
  102. Robert Trent, USA, guitar, lute
  103. Gertraud Umlauft, Austria, music teaching, crumhorn
  104. François Velde, USA (& France), history of opera, ...
  105. Matthew Wadsworth, UK, lute
  106. Frank Wallace, USA, renaissance lute, vihuela, baritone, composer
  107. Joachim Walter,  Germany, organist
  108. David Warren Steel, USA, music history, directing
  109. Kiran Wagle, USA, contradance
  110. Jeremy West, UK, cornett
  111. Arto Wikla, Finland, lutes, theorbo, chitarrino
  112. Bernard Winsemius, Netherlands, organist and carillonneur
  113. Jozef van Wissem, Netherlands, composer and player of renaissance and baroque lute
  114. "Xorys"(?), Canada, flutes, recorders
  115. Markus Zahnhausen, Germany, recorder, composing
  116. Sven Ĺberg, Sweden, lutes

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