Music by Christian Petzold

Arto Wikla 28.12.2007

According Rob MacKillop (see his pages) two famous minuets from the Anna Magdalena Bach Book (1725), that once were thought to be by Johann Sebastian Bach, actually belong to a suite in the Berlin, with the attribution, "Suite de Clavecin par C. Pezold".

Rob published a nice arrangement for dm-baroque lute, see Rob's Free Scores. And then I just for fun made an arrangement of his arrangement to a lute tuned in fourths - in the so called "renaissance tuning". ;-)

You can get the pdf file of my version of the two Menuets here: Menuet1_2.pdf (16 Kb).

An 8-course lute is enough, perhaps even a 7-course lute, if you feel natural in fingering the bass courses. Playing the piece by a 10-course lute or by an archlute is perhaps easier. I have written the tabulature so that the 7th string is fingered to get the f sharp. If you do not like that, then tune the 7th to f sharp -- the f natural in bass is not needed in this piece.

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