Workshop on Algorithms and Applications (WAA 2010)

Time: Friday 28 May 2010
Place: University of Helsinki, Kumpula Campus, Department of Computer Science, Exactum building room B123, Helsinki, Finland


The workshop gathers authors of the LNCS Festschrift 6060 - Algorithms and Applications, Essays Dedicated to Esko Ukkonen on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday - to present their contribution. This festive edition of the workshop is a continuation of the local annual seminar series on string processing research (Merkkijonopäivä 2009 and Merkkijonopäivä 2008). String processing has been an active research topic in Finland since the early '80s. Some highlights over the years include first formulations of algorithms for fragment assembly, new methods for data compression, seminal results on approximate string matching and lossless filtering, string matching on compressed sequences, space-efficient full-text indexes, efficient construction algorithms for full-text indexing, bit-parallel string algorithms, two- and higher-dimensional pattern matching over different transformation classes, and motif discovery algorithms on biological sequences. The contributions from the Festschrift authors touch on many of these topics and survey the current research themes in the field. The invited talk by Robert Giegerich explores some new challenges.


The workshop is open to anyone interested in the presented topics. However, prior registration is necessary. Please register here before 20th May.


08:45Welcoming coffee
09:00Welcoming words by Festschrift Editors
Alberto ApostolicoMaximal Words in Sequence Comparisons Based on Subword Composition
Amihood AmirString Arrangement Metrics - A Survey
Francisco ClaudeExtended Compact Web Graph Representations
11:00Invited talk:
Robert GiegerichLonger, deeper, and affordable kisses
Thomas ZeugmannClustering the Normalized Compression Distance for Influenza Virus Data
12:15Lunch break
Meelis KullAn Evolutionary Model of DNA Substring Distribution
Tapio ElomaaCovering Analysis of the Greedy Algorithm for Partial Cover
Jorma TarhioApproximate String Matching with Reduced Alphabet
Erkki SutinenICT4D: a Computer Science Perspective
15:00Coffee break
Kjell LemströmTransposition and Time-Scale Invariant Geometric Music Retrieval
Veli MäkinenUnified View of Backward Backtracking in Short Read Mapping
Antti UkkonenThe Support Vector Tree
19:00Conference dinner (by invitation)