Annual Report 2010

Annual Report 2010

Organisation 2010

IT Specialists Jani Jaakkola and Pasi Vettenranta (above) were responsible of taking down the Department's servers during a power outage on 22th of June.2010.

Photographer: Tuomas Puikkonen.

The Head of the department along with one deputy head are responsible for the operations of the department. In 2010, Professor Esko Ukkonen was head of the department and Professor Jyrki Kivinen was his deputy. In addition, there is a department council consisting of three professors, three representatives of the staff, and three students. The council members are appointed by election every fourth year. The department council has a secretary who distributes the documents for the meetings.
The teaching is divided into three sub-programmes and two Master's programmes. The directors of the sub-programmes in 2010 were Professor Jyrki Kivinen (algorithms and machine learning), Professor Sasu Tarkoma (networking and services) and Professor Jukka Paakki (software systems). The Master's programmes are headed by Professor Veli Mäkinen (Master's Degree Programme in Bioinformatics, MBI) and Professor Jussi Kangasharju (International CBU Master's Degree Programme in Information and Communication Technology). The department participates in four graduate schools; in addition, Professor Hannu Toivonen is the director of the Hecse graduate school.
The research is ordered into research units and project groups. Two research units, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT, in cooperation with Aalto University) and the Algodan (Algorithmic Data Analysis) Finnish Academy centre of excellence operate at the department. In addition, there are several research groups at the department, which also work inside the units. In 2010, the directors of HIIT were Docent Patrik Floréen (1 January-31 July 2010) and Professor Samuel Kaski of Aalto University (1 August-31 December 2010), and Professor Esko Ukkonen was the director of Algodan.
The administration is divided into (1) teaching administration under the charge of Head of Studies Jaakko Kurhila, (2) general, staff and financial administration under the charge of Office Manager Pirjo ulari, (3) administration of research and graduate schools under the charge of Research Coordinator Greger Lindén, and (4) the IT unit with IT Manager Petri Kutvonen in charge. Further, there is a studies committee, a postgraduate committee, a taskforce for improving teaching, a team for well-being in the workplace, and a library liaison at the department. There are representatives for the department in the faculty and the university councils.



The department council in 2010

The 2010 department council comprised the following members:

Chair Professor Esko Ukkonen  
Member Deputy  
Professor Jukka Paakki Professor Seppo Sippu  
Professor Jussi Kangasharju (vice-chair) Professor Sasu Tarkoma  
Professor Petri Myllymäki  Professor Hannu Toivonen  
Planner Teija Kujala IT Specialist Jani Jaakkola  
Lecturer Otto Nurmi University Instructor Tiina Niklander  
Doctoral Student Toni Ruokolainen Doctoral Student Laura Langohr  
Student Tuomo Jokimies Student Anttijuhani Lantto  
Student Marko Lehtimäki Student Antti Forsell  
Student Tuomas Puikkonen Student Jukka Jokelainen
Secretary Pirjo Mulari  

Committee memberships

Studies administration committee

The members of the committee are the Head of Studies, the deputy Head of the department, and the directors of the sub-programmes.
Members in the 2010 autumn term:

  • Jyrki Kivinen (chair)
  • Sasu Tarkoma
  • Juha Taina
  • Veli Mäkinen (MBI)
  • Jaakko Kurhila

Spring term 2011:

  • Jyrki Kivinen (chair)
  • Sasu Tarkoma
  • Jukka Paakki
  • Veli Mäkinen (MBI)
  • Jaakko Kurhila

Committee for postgraduate and research affairs

Line-up starting on 1 January 2010:

  • Jussi Kangasharju (chair)
  • Jyrki Kivinen
  • Jukka Paakki
  • Greger Linden (secretary.)

Taskforce for improving teaching

  • Heikki Lokki (chair)
  • Sasu Tarkoma
  • Jaakko Kurhila
  • Pirjo Moen
  • Sini Ruohomaa
  • Matti Seise
  • Tatu Kairi
  • Joel Kaasinen
  • Taina Kaivola (right to speak)
  • Nina Aremo (right to speak)

Well-being in the workplace

Line-up starting on 1 September 2010:

  • Pekka Tonteri
  • Tiina Niklander (chair)
  • Teija Kujala
  • Matti Luukkainen
  • Janne Korhonen
  • Petrus Repo
  • (International)
  • Yi (Aaron) Ding , chair
  • Alex Norta
  • Valentin Polishchuk
  • Sini Ruohomaa
  • Stefan Schönauer
  • Roman Yangarber
  • Yiyun Shen
  • Ellen Mustonen, liaison

Department representatives in faculty committees and other committees:

  • University college: Esko Ukkonen
  • University committee for societal interaction: Esko Ukkonen
  • University committee for doctoral education: Hannu Toivonen
  • Committee setting questions for joint application (national): Patrik Floréen
  • Members in faculty council:
  • Hannu Toivonen (deputy Jukka Paakki)
  • Petri Kutvonen (deputy Kujala Teija)
  • The faculty's team of scientifc experts (MATIAS): Hannu Toivonen
  • The faculty's committee for alumni and fund-raising (AVARA): Petri Myllymäki
  • The faculty's committee for postgraduate degrees: Hannu Toivonen
  • The faculty's studies committee: Jaakko Kurhila (deputy Heikki Lokki)
  • The faculty's admissions committee: Jyrki Kivinen (deputy Otto Nurmi)
  • Kumpula campus PR and information taskforce: Sasu Tarkoma
  • Advisory board of Kumpula campus library: Jyrki Kivinen (deputy Sasu Tarkoma)
  • Kumpula campus infrastructure taskforce: Esko Ukkonen
  • Library liaison at the department: Teija Kujala
  • LUMA centre board of directors: Esko Ukkonen
  • HIIT board of directors: Hannu Toivonen (deputy Jukka Paakki)