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Excursion/Tour Information

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON EXCURSIONS - An excursion will only be arranged if at least 20 participants have been registered in advance. Be sure to sign up when you fill in the conference registration form.

1. Tuusula: home to renowned artists in the early 1900's, the golden era of Finnish art and culture. Many of their homes are now museums, like the homes of Jean Sibelius, the famous composer and Pekka Halonen, the artist most beloved by Finns. These museums are situated by picturesque Lake Tuusulanjärvi.

About four hours; Cost: $24 U.S.; Includes 40 km bus ride.

2. Porvoo: the second oldest town in Finland and the center of the Swedish speaking population features a medieval cathedral. Porvoo boasts several other sites of interest, including an old town and several museums (art, history, and toys!).

About four hours; Cost: $24 U.S.; Includes 50 km bus ride.

3. Hvitträsk: CANCELLED!

4. Suomenlinna: the museum fortress islands near Helsinki. You'll take a ferry from Market Square to the islands and enjoy a guided walking tour around this World Heritage Monument, visiting a historical museum and enjoying the magnificent view over the Baltic.

About two and half hours; Cost $10 U.S.; Includes short ferry ride.

Important Note: Visas

When coming to Finland, most conference attendees, for example U.S. citizens, Canadians and citizens of E.U. countries, do not need a visa. However, if you are not sure, please check the situation at your nearest Finnish Consulate. If you are planning a pre/post conference trip to Estonia, it is also necessary to check (at the nearest Estonian Consulate) if you need a visa. Currently, for example, Canadians need a visa for Estonia, although U.S. Citizens or most Europeans do not. However, this could change by the time of the conference. If you wish to visit Russia, in most cases you do need a visa, which you must obtain before leaving your home country since they are not available here in Finland.

Pre/Post Conference Tour Suggestions

Consider combining your trip to the conference with a visit to some of the interesting places near Helsinki. Contact your Finnair Agent or your local travel agency for any destinations you wish to travel to by air, since in most cases they can offer more economical travel combined with your ticket to Helsinki. In case of any difficulties or for more information, please do not hesitate to contact

Finland's Lapland provides some of the best-preserved wilderness in Europe, quaint towns, the midnight sun, good fishing and plenty of reindeer. For tours to Lapland you might want to see

The Savonlinna Opera Festival in Eastern Finland takes place from early July to early August and is the most famous and popular festival in Finland. Enjoy high-class opera in a dramatic setting - the courtyard of Olavinlinna Castle.

Tallinn, the Capital of Estonia, is easily reached by boat from Helsinki. Tallinn is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe, featuring narrow winding streets, cobbled pavement and towering ramparts. Opera and concerts, art exhibitions and antique shops, fine museums and well-stocked handicraft shops all wait for you. For tours to Tallinn you may contact or There are several connections to Tallinn daily. For more information about Tallinn see

The old Russian Capital and Imperial City of St. Petersburg lies only 450 kilometers away and is easily reached by air or train. St. Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia, is the home of the famous Winter Palace that houses the peerless Hermitage Art Museum. Other attractions include several cathedrals, the Summer Palace of Emperor Peter I, the Russian Museum, and numerous theaters.

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