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Poster Program for ITiCSE 2000

Tuesday, 11th July

A Versatile Assignment in CS 2: A File Compression Utility based on the Huffman Code
João Paulo Barros ( ),
Rui Pais (,
Instituto Politécnico de Beja, Portugal

Agents, Profiles, Learning Styles and Tutors
Constance G. Bland, Mississippi Valley State University, USA
Pamela B. Lawhead, The University of Mississippi, USA

Competing in Computing
Fredrik Manne (, University of Bergen, Norway

Ehtical Knowledge For an Electronic Era
Gladys García Delgado Simon Rodriguez University, Venezuela

Distributed Algorithms in the Discrete Mathematics Course
Martha J. Kosa (, Tennessee Technological University, USA

Plan of Teaching & Learning for Database Software through Situated Learning
Soo-Bum Shin, In-Hwan Yoo, Chul-Hyun Lee, Tae-Wuk Lee. Korea National University of Education, Korea
{ssb, bluenull}, {leesleek, twlee}

Program Paper-Slide-Show
Minoru TERADA (, University of Tokyo, Japan

Structural Example-based Adaptive Tutoring System (SEATS)
Alex Davidovic, University of South Australia (,
James Warren, University of South Australia
(, Elena Tricina Institute für
Computersysteme ETH Zentrum, Zürich, Switzerland

Teaching Computing History
John Impagliazzo
Hofstra University

Telemachus an Effective Electronic Marker of Students' Programming Assignments
M.Satrazemi, University of Macedonia, Greece ( ),
V.Dajdiielis, Aristotle University of Thessalonki, Greece,

Wednesday, 12th July

Abstract Solution Design by Specification Refinement
J.M. Burgos, J. Galve, J. García, J.J.Moreno, S. Muñoz, D.Villén
Technical University of Madrid, Spain {jmburgos, jgalve, juliog,
jjmoreno, susana, dvillen}

A Multi-modal Chat for Coordinated Interaction
Ng S. T. Chong, Masao Sakauchi, Institute of Advanced Studies/United
Nations University, Japan

Computing with Geometry as an Undergraduate Course
Ching-Kuang Shene ( and John Lowther (,
Michigan Technological University, USA

DesignMentor: A Pedagogical Tool for Graphics and Computer-Aided Design
Ching-Kuang Shene ( and John Lowther (,
Michigan Technological University, USA

Internet and Multimedia Technology Curriculum Development
Barbara Mento, Donna Tupper, Kathleen Harmeyer, Sylvia Sorkin,
Community College of Baltimore County - Essex Campus, USA, {bmento,
dtupper, kharmeyer, ssorkin}

LYDIAN: An Extensible Educational Animation Environment for Distributed Algorithms
Boris Koldehofe, Marina Papatriantafilou and Philippas Tsigas,
(khofer, ptrianta, tsigas), Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

"Network Protocols and Services" - a Non-Specialist Approach to Teaching Networking
David Stratton, University of Ballarat, Australia

Software System to Learn Objects
Evgeny Eremin (, Perm State Pedagogical University, Russia

Student Preference for Multimedia-Based Lectures: A Preliminary Report
David A. Scanlan, California State University, USA (

Undergraduates in Business Computing and Computer Science
Annegret Goold and Russell Rimmer, Deakin University, Australia,,

Using Recursion as a Tool to Reinforce Functional Abstraction
Raja Sooriamurthi, University of West Florida, USA (sraja@cs.uw)

Thursday, 13th July

Algorithm Visualization using QuickTime Movies for Student Interaction: Algorithms from Computational Geometry
Jay Martin Anderson (, Franklin & Marshall
College, USA and Institut für Computergraphik, Technische Universität
Wien, Vienna, Austria

Analyzing Student Programs
Elizabeth Odekirk, University of Utah, USA (

John Impagliazzo
Michael Tashbook
Hofstra University

Discovering Learning Patterns from Web Logs by Concept Transformation Analysis
Chih-Kai Chang, Da Yeh University, Taiwan, ROC (

Learning Process Maturity
Errol Thompson (, Massey University at Wellington, New Zealand

Present status and direction of Information Curriculum of Korea
In-Hwan Yoo, Soo-Bum Shin, Chul-Hyun Lee and Tae-Wuk Lee, Korea
National University of Education, Korea, {bluenull, ssb, leesleek,

Subject Differences in Student Attitudes to Paper-based and Web-based Resources
Judy Sheard (, Margot Postema
(, Selby Markham
(, Monash University, Australia

The Professional Growth of ICT Experts through Progressive Sandwich Training
Jorma Kajava (, Rauno Varonen (
University of Oulu, Finland

TOPKAPI: A Tool for Performing Knowledge Tests Over the WWW
Guido Roessling and Bernd Freisleben, University of Siegen, Germany
{roessling, freisleb}

Using Blue J To Teach Java
Dianne Hagan, Monash University, Australia

What the Students said about Plagiarism
Janet Carter, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, (