We design and analyze computational-geometry algorithms with applications in motion planning and robotics, GIS, shape reconstruction and sensor networks.
Students interested in a geometry-related project please contact Valentin Polishchuk (valentin.polishchuk@cs.helsinki.fi).

Most of the research is theory-oriented, but we occasionally engage in algorithms implementation; below are some outcomes.

Air traffic management projects

Special Topics in Computational Geometry course (Spring'09)
               Class projects:   Alpha-skeletons, beta-shapes...   Local algorithms for UDGs

Software Engineering projects
     Merging traffic (Fall'08)                Map labeling (Summer'09)

k-order alpha-shape applet by Arto Vihavainen

Necklace-applet by Anne Pääkkö

Boundary labeling applet by Mikko Sysikaski

Kth shortest path slides and visualization applet by Topi Talvitie

Beads-along-necklaces (Air Traffic Controller's game) applet by Mikko Nikkilä

Terrain sweeping videos and code by Mikko Nikkilä

Quickest visibility map visualization applet by Topi Talvitie