Three Concepts: Probability, Course at the Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of Helsinki

Three Concepts: Probability

This course is part of the "Three concepts" series, and provides an introduction to issues in probability theory from a computer scientist's perspective. Many of the research issues in Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence and Data Mining can be actually viewed as topics in the "science of uncertainty," which addresses the problem of optimal processing of incomplete information, i.e., plausible inference.

Course instructor: Professor Petri Myllymäki
Course assistant: Tommi Mononen

The course involves project work and part of it uses the Bayesian modeling tool B-Course. These pages are frequently updated and in the current schedule the topics are only tentative.

IMPORTANT: This year the lectures will be given IN FINNISH, although all the material is in English. Non-Finnish speaking students: if you wish to try to pass the course without attending the lectures, please contact the course instructor.

Course description
Course material

Course Schedule

  • Thu 19.01.: Classes at 16-19 in Exactum B222.
    • Lecture: Modeling and concepts of Bayesian inference.
  • Thu 26.01.: Classes at 16-19 in Exactum B222.
    • Lecture: Probability as a measure of belief.
    • Introduction to Project I.
  • Thu 02.02.: Classes at 16-19 at in Exactum B222.
    • Lecture: The simple(st) example: models for proportions.
    • Introduction to Project II.
  • Wed. 08.02. (Midnight): Deadline of Project I.
  • Thu 09.02.: Classes at 16-18 in Exactum B222
    • Feedback on Project I.
    • Discussion on Project II.
  • Wed 15.02.: (Midnight): Deadline for Round 1 / Project II
  • Thu 16.02.: Classes at 16-19 in Exactum B222.
    • Lecture: What are Bayesian networks?
    • Discussion on Project II.
  • Wed 22.02. (Midnight): Deadline for Round 2 / Project II
  • Thu 23.02.: Classes at 16-19 in Exactum B222.
    • Lecture: Learning Bayesian networks from data.
    • Discussion on Project II.
    • Introduction to Project III.
  • Wed 01.03. (Midnight): Deadline for Round 3 / Project II
  • Fri 10.03. (Midnight): Deadline of Projects II and III.
  • Fri 17.03. (9am): Deadline of Project IV
  • Thu 30.03. (Midnight): Deadline of Project V (term paper).


 Three Concepts: Probability
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