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EIT SDN Project

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Project Description

This project investigates the application of Software-defined Networking (SDN) to mobile access networks. The objective is to design the architecture and components that will manage mobile networks in the edge. The work will address traffic management and optimal resource utilization by balancing the load between service endpoints and taking into consideration transport network costs. The joint efforts are supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Digital.

Project Members

University of Helsinki

Aalto University
  • Jose Costa-Requena, Raimo Kantola, Jukka Manner
Deutsche Telekom
  • Peter Feil
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
  • Yago Sanchez
  • Walid Dabbous, Damien Saucez
  • Mathieu Bouet
TU Berlin TU Munich
  • George Carle, Daniel Raumer

Contribution from University of Helsinki

SoftOffload - An SDN Platform for Traffic Offloading

Last update: 16 April 2015