Copyright 2012 IEEE. Reprinted with permission.

IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)
Ottawa, Canada, June 2012.

Speeding up IPv6 Transition: Discovering NAT64 and Learning Prefix for IPv6 Address Synthesis

Aaron Yi Ding - University of Helsinki
Teemu Savolainen - Nokia Research Center
Jouni Korhonen - Nokia Siemens Networks
Markku Kojo - University of Helsinki

During the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 hosts in IPv6-only 
networks need to communicate with IPv4 hosts as most of the 
Internet services are not yet supporting IPv6. Hosts with 
IPv6 access would benefit from discovering the presence of 
NAT64 and learning a prefix needed for IPv6 address synthesis. 
We propose two mechanisms and systematically evaluate the 
existing solutions in this area. Based on our comparison of 
the existing solutions and practical implementation experience, 
we recommend the heuristic discovery method which is now 
adopted in the IETF transition toolbox for the IPv6 Internet.

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Coding Team: Aaron Yi Ding - UH Jouni Korhonen - NSN