Funding for finishing the thesis 2011

Hecse may provide funding (= 1-6 months partial salary) to students who are about to finish their thesis. The funding is provded only to current Hecse students and the supervisor must apply for this (not the student).

As the current funding period (2007-2011) of Hecse is close to ending, Hecse is keen to use up any excess funding before the end of 2011. Such excess funding is due to funded students graduating before their funding ended.

Conditions and purpose of the funding

  • The funding can start on 1 July 2011 at the earliest, and will end on 31 December 2011 at the latest. (The provided funding has to be spent on salaries during 2011.)
  • The funding is 2295 euro/month/student including all side costs. Students have to be paid according to the YPJ system of the university so a part of the salary (usually about 20-30%) must be paid from other sources (e.g., from a research project of the supervisor, the department, etc.).
  • The main reason for the funding is for the student to finish his or her thesis. Hopefully a period of 1-6 additional months will give the student peace and quiet to finish the thesis.
  • The funding may be provided for clearly motivated other purposes (but only for salaries to Hecse students).

Eligibility of the students

The funding may be provided to the following students

  • The student must be a current Hecse student, either in a status position or a funded position (that ends, e.g., on 31 July 2011; but obviously, no "double funding" is provided, the current funded period must end before this new funding can start).
  • The funding is not provided for Hecse students-to-be; the call for new students will open later.
  • The total amount of funding provided by Hecse may not exceed 48 months. For example, if a student has been in a funded position for 45 months, then he or she can receive at most 3 additional months of funding.


The Hecse student and his or her supervisor should prepare the application together. The supervisor should submit the application by the deadline. The application should inlcude

  • a filled in application form with details about the student and the period for which the funding is applied, and also a statement by the supervisor.
  • a plan for how to finish the thesis (how has the studies progressed, what results are available, a time table up to submitting the thesis to the pre-examiners).
  • the structure/table of contents of the thesis, and, in case the thesis is a collection of articles, a list of the articles and their publication status (published, accepted, submitted, etc.)


Please return the application using this web form (including at most two attachments as described above) by 10 June 2011.