PhD students (topic, supervisor)

  1. Aittala, Miika, Efficient user-assisted acquisition of material appearance models, Savioja
  2. Albrecht, Robert, Communication Applications of Mobile Audio Augmented Reality, Savioja
  3. Ammad-ud-din, Muhammad, Probabilistic multi-source models for personalized medicine, Kaski S.
  4. Athukorala, Kumaripaba, Enhancing Image Retrieval through Human Centered Computing Techniques, Jacucci
  5. Dobrinkat, Marcus, Learning World Models for Statistical Machine Transaltion, Oja
  6. Du, Mian, Developing a fully automated decision-support system using IE, ML and DM, Yangarber
  7. Enarvi, Seppo, Modeling pronunciation variation in spontaneously spoken Finnish language, Kurimo
  8. Frosterus, Matias, Methods for Creating and Publishing Metadata for the Semantic Web, Hyvönen
  9. Hao, Tele, Relational feature learning with hierarchical latent variable models, Karhunen
  10. Hegedüs, Jozsef, Anomaly detection methods for data secutiry, Orponen
  11. Hirvonen, Juho Pekka, Theory of distributed computing, Suomela
  12. Kangas, Juho-Kustaa, Algorithms on DAGs, with applications to learning probabilistic models, Järvisalo, Koivisto
  13. Karp, Elina, Denoising single trial event related electrophysiological measurements, Oja
  14. Korpela, Mikko, Computational data analysis, with applications in bioinformatics and ecology, Mannila
  15. Laine, Markku, Declarative Languages for Web Application Development, Vuorimaa
  16. Launiainen, Tuomas, Lighweight formal methods for software development, Heljanko
  17. Lin, Ziyuan, Structure exploration for high-dimensional data, Peltonen
  18. Looga, Vilen, Energy-awareness in large-scale internet of things networks, Ylä-Jääski
  19. Mansikkaniemi, André, Unsupervised Language Model Adaptation for Speech Recognition, Kurimo
  20. Nieminen, Ilari, Data and Text Mining Related to Complex Socio-Cognitive Phenomena, Honkela T.
  21. Nousiainen, Kari, Computational modeling and analysis of T cell signaling networks, Lähdesmäki
  22. Pivovarova, Lidia, Multilingual IE using Data-driven Techniques, and SupervisedSemi-Supervised ML, Yangarber
  23. Pöllä, Matti, Biologically Inspired Computation with Applications in Text Mining, Oja
  24. Remes, Ulpu, Noise robustness in automatic speech recognition, Oja
  25. Rybicki, Joel, Distributed covering and packing problems in graphs, Suomela
  26. Smit, Pieter (Peter), Improved prosody modeling using unsupervised algorithms and user feedback, Kurimo
  27. Toivanen, Jukka, Methods and models of verbal creativity, Toivonen
  28. Toivonen, Jarkko, Distance and similarity measures between strings, Ukkonen
  29. Tran Thi Thuy, Trang, Applying probabilistic model checking in system architecture design, Heljanko
  30. Tuominen, Jouni, Ontology services for improving information findability, Hyvönen
  31. Varjokallio, Matti, New methods for acoustic modeling in speech recognition, Oja
  32. Vatanen, Tommi, Machine Learning and Data Mining in Personalized Medicine, Lähdesmäki
  33. Vihavainen, Arto, Result-Driven Programming Education, Paakki
  34. Väyrynen, Jaakko, Emergent linguistic representations for machine translation, Honkela T.
  35. Wagner, Pauli, Reinforcement and imitation learning cognitive architecture for virtual actors, Kaski S.
  36. Zou, Yuan, MDL method in model selection, Roos