Support for attending national activities in 2011

If you are interested in attending any of the conferences listed below (or some other related event in Finland during 2011), Hecse will pay the registration fees (and travel expenses if the conference is not in the Helsinki-Espoo region, as long as the fees and expenses are reasonable).

Please send an email about which conferences you would like to attend.

For Helsinki region conferences: Register for the conference and pay the fee and ask for a reimbursement of the payment from Hecse (use this form (rtf) or this one (pdf), include original receipts, and return to Hecse's coordinator or Pauliina Pajunen at Exactum).

For conferences outside the Helsinki region: Register for the conference, and proceed with planning and reporting etc. as normal (e.g., fill in "matkamääräys" and "matkalasku").

Attending one of these conferences in Finland will not affect your chances of getting further grants for international conferences or trips (outside Finland) later this year!

Some conferences in Finland during 2011 (computer science/engineering- related)

Any questions, please ask