Algodan > Scientific Advisory Board Meeting 2012

Time: 16th May 2012, 8:45 – 16:45
Place: Room D122, Department of Computer Science, Exactum, University of Helsinki


08:45-09:00 Opening and coffee
09:00-09:15 Introductions
Greetings from the Academy of Finland
News of the Algodan Centre Professor Esko Ukkonen, Director of the Centre
9:15-10:20 Research themes
Data Mining Panos Papapetrou: "Influence attribution in citation networks"
Jefrey Lijffijt: "A statistical significance testing approach to mining the most informative set of patterns"
Jaakko Hollmen: "On analyzing environment, natural and man-made"
Laura Langohr: "Relevant and Non-redundant Object Retrieval"
Fang Zhou: "Discovering Knowledge about the Evolution of Bacterial Metabolism: Weighted Graphs and Compression"
10:20-10:35 Break
10:35-11:50 Research themes cont.
Sequence Analysis Veli Mäkinen: "Enhanced Variation Calling"
Juha Kärkkäinen: "Improving Burrows-Wheeler Compression"
Machine Learning Theory Mikko Koivisto: "Advanced algorithms for Bayesian network discovery"
Petteri Kaski: "Fast zeta transforms for lattices"
Panu Luosto: "Clustgrams: An extension to histogram densities based on the MDL principle"
10:50-12:00 Break
12:00-12:30 Research themes cont.
Neuroinformatics and Probabilistic Models Aapo Hyvärinen: "Overview of Neuroinformatics, incl. brain imaging results"
Patrik Hoyer: "Learning linear cyclic causal models with latent variables"
Michael Gutmann: "Estimation of unnormalized probabilistic models"
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:30 Poster exhibition and demonstrations, coffee
15:30-16:15 Scientific Advisory Board, internal discussion
16:15-16:45 Summary
Comments from the Scientific Advisory Board
16:45 End of meeting


Below are the download links for all Algodan SAB meeting 2012 materials. The files are in pdf format.



Poster Session