A Delicious Guide to Fallen London

Chapter 7: Useful Links & Resources
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By this time, you may have already noticed the "Help" tab:

The Help tab will continue downwards from where the screenshot ends for quite a bit.

Official announcements:
Fallen London Facebook

Echo Bazaar Twitter = Fallen London Twitter
(NOTE: Many of the FL characters, such as Mr Wines, have their own Twitter accounts. There are also some comedy Twitter accounts.)

Failbetter Games blog

Information about in-game stuff:
Fallen London wiki
(NOTE: Navigation is horrible. Check from your character sreen what you need to know about, and use the wiki's search function.)

Item conversions chart. Most useful for people who like maths.
(NOTE: The wiki I have linked to above is far outdated. But that conversions chart is better than what we have elsewhere.)
To find other players:
The Official Failbetter Games Forums
IRC: irc.synirc.net #Fallenlondon (this link opens up a browser IRC application through Mibbit.com)

I'm a candle blog by SpaceMarine9

Deep. Dark. Marvellous.

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