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Updated 5.4.2019.

Motto (17.3.2011): Tiede tietää luulevansa, uskonto luulee tietävänsä. (Science knows that it only believes, religion only believes that it knows.) (oma, my own)
Mietelause/Proverb (3.4.2017): Periaatteita pitää olla, jotta on jotakin mistä tinkiä. / You must have principles in order to have something to betray. (oma, my own)
Ongelma/Problem (21.2.2019): "The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt". (B. Russell, 1933)

I am senior lecturer (~assistant professor, in Finnish "lehtori") at the Department of Computer Science (the old pages) of the University of Helsinki, Finland.

My teaching in spring 2019 (in Finnish)

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