Archlute music

... and also 10-courser, 7-courser ... and 11 course baroque lute and theorbo/chitarrone ... ... and even cigar box guitars ... ;-)

Actually all my lute videos are concentrated here since autumn 2015!

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In the late renaissance (c. 1580-1600) and in the baroque (c. 1600-17??) periods many different types of extended lutes were popular. One group of these was called by names archlute, arciliuto, liuto attiorbato, .... Common to this group was that the courses on fingerboard were tuned in the old "renaissance way". Robert Spencer's article Chitarrone, Theorbo and Archlute is a well written introduction to these extended lutes.

See also my pages 11-course lute music / French theorbo music / 10-course lute music / Chitarrone music / Chitarrino music.
There are also some other arrangements, intabulations, etc. in my Contributions page.

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