10-course lute music

... and also a couple of pieces by an 8 course lute using only 6 courses ... ;-)
... and also 4 pieces by Bouvier are played by an 11-courser - though only courses 10 used... ;)
... Long pause in the "Vieil Accord": from 28.4.2010 to 23.3.2012!
... And now also 7-course Venere included ...

Updated 20.3.2017 / Arto Wikla 17.11.2008

Pieces in "Vieil Accord", "renaissance tuning": g'-d'-a-f-c-G-F-(E or Eb)-D-C

Pieces in "Accords Nouveaux", "transitional tunings"

... long pause ...
... 2012 ...
Back to the "Vieil Accord", "renaissance tuning": g'-d'-a-f-c-G- [F-(E or Eb)-D-C]

New renaissance lute - First try: da Milano and Dalza:

Warming up the 10-course Berr:

Three clips of alta/bassa concert in 12.5.2012 (published in 12.6.2012)

Getting used to the new 7 course Venere lute:

  1. New 10-courser – the first impressions

  2. Laurencini di Roma

  3. Scottish baroque lute music in scordatura

  4. Something very different: short teenage memory ... ;-). Guess what this is! ;-) Video in YouTube (23.10.2014)

  5. ...

  6. ... continuo ...

  7. Versions of Albinoni: Sonate da Chiesa, T.So29: IV

  8. Sean Jib: Inflandia Hymn ;-)

  9. ...

  10. Holborne: As it fell on a holy eve. Piece by Anthony Holborne. The name suggests a vocal model, but who knows. And which "eve" is "holy"? Video in YouTube (27.12.2016)

  11. Scottish early baroque lute music in "Accords nouveaux". The tuning is a scordatura, transitional tuning, called for ex. "English Gautier's tuning" or "Mersenne's Extraordinaire tuning", in my case the strings are tuned e'-c'-a-f-c-G-F-E-D-C. In case you happen to wish to play these pieces, the "Sarrabands" are here and the "John come" is here. These are my clarifications(?) based on the wonderful, but not so easy read Balcarres ms. publication by the Universities of Glasgow and Aberdeen, 2010.

  12. ...

See also my pages 11-course lute music / French theorbo music / Archlute music / Chitarrone music / Chitarrino music.
There are also some other arrangements, intabulations, etc. in my Contributions page.

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