Lute Arrangements of Lully's Marche pour la Ceremonie des Turcs
Also Something More by Lully

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Below you'll find the history of my little "Lully project", pdf's, midis, etc. There are also some arrangements not only to 10-course lute, but also some to theorbo and chitarrino.
First there are anyhow direct links to the 10-course "suite":

[22. 9.2008] Direct links to the pdf's and videos of the "Suite Méditerranée" (see below) arranged for 10-course lute (© Arto Wikla):

The movie "Tous les matins du monde" made French baroque music known to the masses. One very good piece among the other very good pieces, which was played in the movie, is the "Marche pour la Ceremonie des Turcs" from the ballet "Le bourgeois gentilhomme" composed by Jean-Baptiste Lully in 1670 to the text of Moliere. As far as I know this was the premier of Moliere's play, and both guys, Lully and Moliere, also had a role in that play! ["Molière played the role of Monsieur Jourdain, clothed in bright colors trimmed with silver lace and muilticolored feathers; ... and the musician Lully was the muphti." (See the Wiki-page of "Le bourgeois gentilhomme".)]

I got an idea of arranging (or transcribing?) that piece to the lute and also to the theorbo. The original manuscript can be found in the net thanks to the wonderful work of Le Conservatoire numérique des Arts et Métiers. They have e-published a lot of mss of Lully's music, see their page Also the University of North Texas has published a great collection of Lully's music as scanned scores, see their page .

Versions of "Marche pour la Ceremonie des Turcs" & something more ...

The lute versions of the Marche are made to be idiomatic to the instruments. That means that all the 5 voices of the original are not literally copied, all kinds of "lutenisms" are applied etc. Perhaps the versions should be called "arrangements" or "intabulations" instead of "transcriptions".
See also my pages French theorbo music / Archlute music / 10-course lute music / Chitarrone music / Chitarrino music.
There are also some other arrangements, intabulations, etc. in my Contributions page.

Many thanks to Wayne Cripps for his tabulature typesetting program Tab, and for his advice in using the program!

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