dieffopruchar 1608

I ordered a big theorbo/chitarrone from a young talented Finnish lute maker, Timo Kontio, in autumn 2001. The model will be 93% reduction of the Magno Dieffopruchar 1608 (Royal College of Music No.26). (Alternative spellings: Tieffenprucher, dieffopruchar, ...)

Pictures of the original instrument can be seen in the article by Robert Spencer (Early Music 1976), see page 410.

Below: drawings, me and the mould, Timo Kontio with his wife (autumn 2001): (Click the images!)

In January 2003 the body is ready (at last... :-). The woods are Ebenholz (ebony) and cypress.

Below: The "Turtle" is Timo's son, length 110 cm. (Click the images!)

In 29. March 2003 I drove to Porvoo, where Timo has his lute workshop. The body and top of the theorbo are ready. Also the making of lower neck has started: (Click the images!)

The instrument will be quite big:

Some details:

The maker and the player:

It is so hard to leave the instrument and drive home... ;-)

A couple of pictures of the original:

Timo's e-mail is Timo.Kontio@pp2.inet.fi, his address is
Timo Kontio / Kesäniementie 1 as. 1 / FIN-06150 Porvoo / Finland

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